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  • giddyupdow44 giddyupdow44 May 18, 2013 6:45 PM Flag

    A Few Words of Advice

    As you are tempted to sell your LIWA shares--Keep this in mind.
    1) You didn't buy the stock to break even
    2) You didn't buy the stock to lose a little money
    3) Most investors hold losers too long and sell winners too soon
    4) Try to take advantage of "Capital Gains" by holding a stock for a year
    5) LIWA is beginning to look like the "Perfect Storm" that tdcburns and I dreamed of
    6) next week will probably see a short attack develop hoping to pry your shares out of your portfolios7) Be patient and we'll all have a 10 bagger by Christmas

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    • tdcburns May 19, 2013 1:12 PM Flag

      well said giddyup and that may be some good advice so some potential traders or rookies but for me, I been in this game for 30 years and been here with LIWA for 4 years and the opportunity that presented itself with all the fear, uncertainty, chinese fraud and bogus short attacks and hit peice is about a once in a lifetime.

      I'm not going anywhere for at least another few years. I was right the whole time and when I, the stock price and the CEO all get the respect we deserve I will start taking profits.

      Based on modest next year estimates and projections, LIWA is a $40 stock in 2014 and should be at least $22 now.

      Enjoy and glad you came aboard.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • elpasojet May 18, 2013 9:50 PM Flag

      We all know LIWA is the REAL thing and so do the shorts.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Why else would they be covering for the past year? We long will get the last laugh....all the way to the bank. No way they are getting my shares till it hits $10000/share. LOL.
        Patience pans out:
        1. Finally institutions accumulating.
        2. Perfect storm with PCAOB agreement with China....Either going to skyrocket to the moon or hit rock bottom....We all know what the market is weighing on.
        3. Explosive growth with increasing stock holder equity......and it's all going to get even better with the new CCA wire for the sub 1KV power transmission line. Next step for LIWA is to grow profit margin and who knows how high LIWA can go. Hahahahaha.
        4. Capacity unable to meet customer demands.....should we say more?
        5. Internal funding of growing the business without diluting shareholders.
        6. Zero debt.
        And the list goes on and on........
        If you haven't buy or bought very little shares, I highly recommend you to pull the trigger and back up the truck.....It's a once in the life time opportunity. It's not too late.
        I've been here for three years now and never flickered.....never sold a single share, just the opposite. While others lost faith at times when LIWA dropped rocked bottom, I think of it as a lifetime opportunity and was so happy to get to accumulate at lower prices.....Make your move now and accumulate periodically as I have and you won't regret it.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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