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  • aa_investing aa_investing May 30, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

    I expect LIWA to announce Special or Recurring Dividend

    I would not be surprised if they finally do a special or recurring dividend. Majority of CAPEX investments is starting to be behind them and providing revenues with a op cash flow being very strong. LIWA is also aware of Chapski since 2010 and his latest hit piece may stoke their Board to prove to Stockholders they are REAL and deep six the shorts and end this debate.

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    • Ditto on LuckJack's comments. I think we have better chance for a $15 buyout than a dividend. It just will not happen at least for the next 12~18 months. Heck they can't even figure out how to get 4MM US$ out of china. Why? They don't want to. A dividend would be great to make this legit for us, but the owner already knows, he owns the majority of shares, and has bigger plans/concerns than getting some money back and an increase in PPS. What is his motive, if the CCA Cable is for real there is just no business driver for a dividend. What we should be expecting is an announcement on the CCA Cable. Anything is wishful thinking I'm afraid, but we can always dream. GLTA

    • Think big. I'm thinking if they'd make an offer to buy AAPL, it would create quite a rush to the Short bathroom.

      Dividend is off the table. The company needs no money for financing, and does not care about the stock price unless it collapses completely. What they should do is a forensic audit and seek some rating firms. I assume they are thinking that the China stock bashing and China frauds will end, and if so are taking a longer view of the stock price and the company.

      good luck. Oh, I'm back in in recent days, about 10K shares. Will be adding now at set prices.


    • I disagree. I think the CEO has given up on moves like this as prior "toe in the water attempts" either did nothing (two prior special dividends in 2012) or back-fired (stock-buyback, never completed). I suspect he tried these things to see if they would work and when they did nothing or the stock just dropped anyway, he gave up and is focusing on building the business until the market returns to rationality. Further, in the last conference call they specifically said they were hoarding cash for CCA wire build-out.

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      • elpasojet May 30, 2013 7:00 PM Flag

        Check out XIN, they pay dividend quarterly, stock price is still under $5 (penny stock status) and similar PE like LIWA. The sector that is still running is the solar sector like TSL & JASO, but it will die down after a while. Big money always align themselves with government policy to get favorable treatment, as SEC is still at odds with the auditor oversight & RTO issue and China is unwilling to keep their duck in line, big money will seat on top of this sector and won't allow them to climb with a few exception under certain circumstances. If the S.E.D. conference in July can come up with some concrete improvement in those pending issues, you will see this sector going up very fast right before your eyes.

        I really don't see LIWA find the way around to pay dividend without paying the high cost to convert their currency into US dollar to do it yet. CFO said they are still looking for way.

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    • I hope you're correct! LIWA's street cred would be enhanced with investors if a regular dividend was in place.

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