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  • jaydawson44 jaydawson44 Sep 1, 2013 8:05 PM Flag

    Form 4 for Director Options

    It was not easy to find, but I see three new form 4s were filed 8/29/13 for options for the following 3 directors: Jonathan Serbin, Robert C Bruce and Siu Ki Lau. They each got 20,000 options at $5.6 vesting quarterly starting from May 30, 2013. They are also sitting on a similar number of options awarded one year ago on 4/26/13 at $5.63. Unfortunately the options don't expire until 2022 and 2023. So they are in no rush to push the stock price up.

    On the bright side, they did not get awarded options at artificial lows and the price has to go up ~20% from here before they are worth anything. Still, when I saw there were new form 4s, my hopes went up that maybe we would see some insider buying. No such luck, just insiders ready to profit in the event something goes wrong and the price rises.

    Does make you think that if there is ever a buyout, the board of directors will want significantly more than $5.6.

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    • They should go private.

      • 1 Reply to quantumli
      • Going private would cost the management team significantly in cash and/or debt. The prime advantage of going private is typically to free management up to do things they could not do as a public company due to shareholder complaints. As they do not currently listen to shareholder complaints, this is not a problem for them... The other advantage would be to re-list on another exchange in order to raise additional capital. However, they have way more cash than they have any immediate use for now. A final advantage is they may want to sell their stakes to get rich. However, they seem patient enough to wait for the company to grow much larger before they do this.

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