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  • cydney1996 cydney1996 Jul 16, 2003 1:46 PM Flag

    Morale - No Problem

    I don't believe the posts on bad morale at MDT. Yes, the company is changing form the old days when it was a modest Minnesota company. Today, as a major international company, there are bound to be changes.

    The idea that MDT is a house of cards is pretty hilarious. Quite the lame attempt to either grind an axe or freak the board out.

    As for signs of imminent disaster - I don't believe that either. This is a load of unsupportable garbage. Every company has growing pains, and employees that can't handle change.

    Don't believe any of this morale garbage.


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    • Hey Twidell Dee:
      7-1 You claim to own "several" thousand shares but "time to sell and buy back at 44 or better".

      7-7 Sold at 56 & 57 bouthgt back @ 41-42 (when was that?) Still hold "2000" shares...

      Which is it? Did you take your own advice and sell your "thousands" of shares or are you still holding? I want to know because you've had a sell on MDT since 6-26 and you seem like such an astute investor?

    • Do recall when Bill Hawkins joined Medtronic?

    • In what year was MDT last considered a modest Minnesota company? As a native Minneapolitan I know that hasn't been the thinking around here in recent memory. I think we're long past the growing pains stage. MDT has been a big player for a long time now.

      I don't think anyone is attempting to "freak out" anyone, but merely passing along information that in the long run is useful to know. I find it quite easy to pick out the messages from those inside and those not. Good medical device sales people are not "run of the mill" and losing their years of clinical expertise can cost a company greatly - be it today or some years down the road. No one said there was imminent danger but that the company was indeed, becoming a house of cards. On what basis can you claim this is "unsupportable garbage"? I get the feeling many of these posts come from across divisional lines and to me, that is very telling.

      You can believe most of the insiders themselves own stock and aren't about to dump it. So your ax grinding accusation doesn't hold water. You should be thankful for the information.

      • 2 Replies to scrobi3
      • ALL - that is EVERY ONE - of us wants to see MDT on top. What is true is that some peoples interpretation of the Medtronic Mission, is IMHO, distorted.

        What is happening is many people are leaving because of the disconnect in values held by Bill George vs. Art Collins.

        Not that it will stop the "juggernaut", but quiet changes are occurring and will shape our industry in years to come.

      • If your comments are related to field people, I would have no idea. As for the people I know working in MPLS (non-sales), things are far from a house of cards. Quite the opposite actually.

        The sales side is a different animal compared to the office. The sales force could be unhappy in spite of good performance by the company. I'm not informed there. If that is the area you were addressing, I take back the garbage comment.

        I'd say in the years just before all the acquisitions took place, things were still pretty Minnesota-like. Art has no choice but to deal with the international flavor of MDT's environment today. However, I don't see MDT past the growing pains yet. Seems to me there are plently of pains still being dealt with, both in CRM (high growth previously unexpected), and in the acquisitions (AVE, Minimed).

        I agree with your comments on losing sales people, and the house of cards might apply there. But the inside office is no more a house of cards today than in many previous years past - which means NOT. As for axe-grinding, I'm not sure what you are saying, but there are many people on these boards that trash-talk companies that are likely disgruntled employees (or ex-employees). The best example is the GDT board lately.

        Thanks for your response. I was too general in my post. When I read your post, I "heard" you saying that the entire company is this fragile house of cards ready to fall soon. Maybe I read too much into it.


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