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  • helen_bakk helen_bakk Oct 7, 2003 3:20 PM Flag

    cydney=truth hater

    cydney, I have stated time after time that I do not not hate devices but I do believe that the sector has gone over the peak and will be range bound with a +/- 15% spread for the next few years until valuations and sector consolidation has jelled.
    You say drugs will not provide miracles. You're right. But, they are the first order for HMOs, insurance and government plans. Device therapy is way down the line and considered last resort by most HMO/PPO plans
    who will pay only 40 to 60% of costs.
    Gene and stem cell therapies are progressing rapidly but still has a decade of development unless more "miracles" become public and unclassified knowledge.
    I am not short or recommending a short. Not enough down side. The fair value based on fundamentals may be around $30 but it seems to have many friends in the big houses to keep the price stable at a richer PE than is currently acceptable in the sector. Also remember that a lofty price is also subject to whims and abandonment on any bad news or better news from a competitor. That's all I've saying here. Buyer beware! That's not bashing. I have been correct on my analysis of a dead-money issue and the predicted downgrade activity which has ensued.
    There have been many better places to make money. This issue has missed the entire 2003 rally. That's not bashing. That's reality. If people on this board choose to hold on and ride it down instead of selling out and getting back in at the next pre-rally dip that's a personal decision. It's silly and that's what Prudential is advising it's clients and fund allocations. Get profits out now. Get more shares later. If the cheerleaders on this board had sold 1000 sh. at $55 when I advised such action a few weeks ago, they could get back now and own an additional 200 sh for the same money. That's a fact. This is a "channeling stock" and people better learn to play it that way. It's the only way to make money.

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    • Excuse me folks, I can't resist.

      Blah, Blah, Blah, Blow me!!!!!!!
      Helen, if your as pretty as you are stupid, I'd like to give you some "stem cell" stock of my own for you to "channel". What a load of shit you sell.
      Learn to play? You should!
      MDT is a quality, reasonably diversified co. Round tripping it's stock is risky and expensive. It makes more sense for eg. to sell calls at high and reinvest the proceeds at low-do the math!
      As for the sector being overextended..........OK, maybe one of those tadpoles went north............and fertilized a thought! At which piont, it would still be better to hold, and short a co. like GDT, whose fundamentals are about to change.

      Who's your daddy, who's your pal?

      That's right, I am! Say it...........Bitch!!

    • Helen -

      You stated "If the cheerleaders on this board had sold 1000 sh. at $55 when I advised such action a few weeks ago, they could get back now and own an additional 200 sh for the same money".

      Please elaborate exactly when MDT traded at $55 a few weeks ago. I suspect your eyes are brown, but not because of heredity.


    • Devices are the last resort in virtually all medical conditions (Hugely false. You seem to reveal lack of knowledge repeatedly in this area.)

      MDT has been nothing but dead money for years (partially true depending on your investment strategy)

      Devices are "robot-like" clearly indicating an android view of devices (far from unbiased).

      Miracle drugs will save us all, no devices needed. (false).

      You are still a mystery as to your real motivation. However, I really don't care anymore.


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