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  • helen_bakk helen_bakk Mar 14, 2006 3:56 PM Flag

    CYD , Today's PR and our discussion

    CYD, Last week you said I've been saying similar things about my analysis of MDT stagnation since the bubble burst in 2000.
    The PR today is only one more validation of what I have been saying about one of the 3 problems I see with MDT:
    "The Medtronic Stent product study appears to have as much efficacy as the J&J Stent."
    IMO,THAT IS problem #3 - a "me-too" product lineup. The capital thrown at stents is wasted.
    This is not exciting news. It is a reason to sell and wait for the much needed correction.
    I have read your posts over the years and I know you are a bagholder or have this loaded into a 401K and you hope for the best and I can only wish you well as this sector value improves without MDT in tow.

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    • You have come here several times over the last 4+ years and often predicted a $10 - $15 point extreme drop before MDT would be fairly valued. If you look at the five year chart, you see there have been several ways to have made ~50% within that period. That leaves you with a very poor record of prediction here.

      The closest you have come to being correct would be this recent drop from $59. However, it isn't tied to any of the reasons you have sighted. Some of which are reasonable opinions, just not drivers of the stock like you predict.


    • It might be "me too", but there is one key difference, it would allow MDT to include this type of product when bidding on multiple use hospital contracts. It will fill a void they cannot bid on and might prove to be detrimental to the company if they did not have this type of product in their inventory.

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      • "Might prove to be detrimental" not having a competitive stent ??? Where have you been the past 4 years ??? It already has been detrimental... This has been a huge opportunity missed for MDT. Those who discount the contribution a competitive vascular business could have made to the top and bottom line are either mis-informed or in denial.

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