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  • karnac674 karnac674 Jun 26, 2006 9:40 AM Flag

    MDT Keeps Going and Going

    Just like the energizer bunny falling off a cliff!

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    • LOLOL good one CYD

    • I get a kick out of you guys all recommending each other's posts. Another indication of the calculated acts of desperation.


    • Uhhh Sun, who owns the invasive diagnostic testing for risk statification today???? That would be the hospital Sun. Because of the INVASIVE nature of this test it has to be done there.

      When the MDs realize, and they will, that this test can be done in their office setting for 90% of their patients, they'll start doing this one in their office. It's called bundling of services, add ons.

      Its coming Sun.

      CAMH sun is starting to rise in the east.

      ICDs will eventually be setting in the west

      In the meantime they need to sell as many as possible. MTWA will help them do that in the short term.

    • the whole MRI comparison is kind of sophmoric and clearly uninformed. The MRI market was completely developed before physician practices ventured into it - hosptials completely owned the market and had developed it. In addition, most of the initial forays by physicians into the market were in the form of stand-alone centers that were exclusively used for scanning. Physicians treated this as an investment, primarily. The movement of MRI into the office is part of a long evolution.

      This is in no way comparable to the MTWA situation.

      When a few of you CAMH folks on the board make dumb points like this, it is hard to take those of you with valid points seriously.

    • "How can you prescribe the correct therapy.......without the correct diagnosis?" by camh_mtwa

      This statement really embodies my lack of interest in camh.ob.

      First, I must tell you I have a long bias against diagnostic medical devices (after 20+ years in the industry). They typically trade at PE's of 8 - 10, have a long capital equipment sales cycle, have low technical barriers to entry (off shore production of low cost competitors), and are rarely the definitive diagnostic.

      I read the Cigma guidance. The patients to be tested need to meet criteria; both to create a pool of patients and also to ensure the technical performance of the monitoring equipment (therefore some appropriate patients can not be tested). The data stratifies patients into three classes; neg-responders, pos-responders and indeterminant (15-40%). Typical application combines the pos-responders and indeteriminant into one class and compares them to the neg-responders. In this case the sudden cardiac failure is lower in the neg-responders (I recall a number around 2.5% over 12/24 months). These neg-response data appear to be better than the other non-invasive measures, but the combined pos-responders and indeterminant seem to have comparable outcomes. In summary, they measure something in ~60% of the patients that meet the test criteria with a greater ability to identify the patient segment that is at a lower risk for VT.

      I would expect (any cardiologists around?) that physicians would use this test as another data point and not a replacement for existing tests. Then, if on balance the patient is indicated for ICD placement, the physician will go on record prescribing the implant (lowest liability for MD). Large patient studies will create a diagnostic protocol that weights the tests used and prepares an overall risk-score, but this will come from the medical community and not a device manufacturer.

      I have two additional questions;
      1) what is the CAMH patent position (when will it expire)?
      2) can the test really be done in a MD office, or is the risk of a patient crashing sufficient to send the test to a Cardiology Lab associated with a hospital?


      Disclosure: No present or future position in CAMH.OB.

    • 1) I am absolutely certain that there has been at least ONE test machine sold this month. If that's all you got, then I'm sorry.

      2)with your MDT stock in a free fall, besides being completely wrong about CAMH, you might want to take a second look at your investment strategy.

      just a hint

      Have a nice day

    • So in other words, you haven't sold any pieces of test equipment. Interesting.


    • All your BS means nothing.

      MDT buying 10% of this company is "BS"? sheesh. Who's talking about a hidden agenda?

      The second HUGE regional private payor, with Cigna covered lives in the 12 Million range, comes on line, virtualy guarateeing Humana, United, Kaiser, etc and yet you want to talk about a slow sales ramp?

      I don't think you're trying to have a rational discussion cydey. Up until now, I've been respectful, offered you my # to discuss, tried my hardeest to be rational, yet you're calling my "BS"? I'm not sure you're worth engaging, having lost most of your credibility, if there ever was any.

      Have a nice day

    • How many pieces of test equipment did you guys sell last month? Today, that is the only relevant piece of data that indicates future earnings for camh. All your BS means nothing.


    • You have just shown that you don't have a clue what it means to go into production with capital equipment. What you described here would be completely laughed at by anyone who has ever worked in manufacturing or tried to set up field sales. This is in the pathetically stupid range here. You are completely unarmed in this discussion.

      Boy - camh posters on the job at MDT 24/7 with postings. I wonder if there is a hidden agenda.

      LOL on a continuous basis.


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