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  • PitjesPan PitjesPan Sep 12, 1998 12:29 PM Flag

    AF new device

    Dear Thaddeus;

    the problems with these
    devices are :

    1. Patients develop AF under pacing.
    They have a present pacer and nobody will replace this
    already implanted pacer.
    2. If Patients develop AF
    without a pacer they mostly gets an ablation of their AV
    node and after that they need a onechamber
    3. STJ shows int he past, that they need too long to
    launch their new products, that means at this time they
    launch this product we can cure AF with pharmaceutical

    please, tell me your comments


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    • PitjesPan,

      Let me clarify. *Pacesetter*
      has 7000+ APS IIs in operation
      world wide. Are you
      possibly a new rep in Europe? I'm not saying
      there are
      1000's of APS IIs available. Only saying 1000s of APS
      IIs exist and are in use world wide. However,
      Pacesetter DOES carefully parse out those APS IIs and will
      reserve them for the higher volume reps.

      So, what
      exactly are you having to use, PitjesPan, if not an APS
      II? Are you using instead an APS u or a HHP-385 ? If
      your volume warrants it, raise hell with Sylmar!

      Good luck,
      Ante Bellum

    • Nobody cares about autocapture the last three
      years: because all we did was talking and praying: less
      clinical trials etc.

      Today, everybody talks about
      the Medtronic Autocapture even they dont have it.

      STJ is not able to sell the benefits they have,
      because there is not enough support from the marketing

    • Hi Thaddeus 1976!
      First remarks to your yahoo
      communication style. I never wanted to discuss where I am, who
      I am and what I am doing currently. I didn't ask
      you about your ID. There is a tradition in yahoo
      boards to not aggressively try to show who is who, where
      he/she is working, living or what one have to do. Let us
      put the focus on what we are talking about as serious
      members of this club. Please change your stile. This is
      my opinion and wishes that both of us want the best
      to this company without any local patriotism in our
      heart and with undisturbed mind.
      Discussing with you
      I am not associated with Sweden. An approved
      assumption is that I am a European scientist with a broad
      network of friends, -pacemaker customers.
      points you wish will be the issue of the another letter.
      Until this I strongly recommend to again carefully read
      my messages.
      The CRMD part of this company
      didn't show their mixture of their best competitive
      functions and products like ;
      Autocapture, Polarity,
      Membrane Leads, Affinity, Dual Chamber Defib, and other
      competitive DDD product portfolio, most of them they have.
      Good presentation of research activities "from the
      future" is a good supplement. My impression is that
      products are not enough exposed.
      Nobody can survive
      TALKING ONLY about visions independently how good visions
      are .(AF, AFl,, CHF, RVOT, LVPACE etc�).

    • Good to hear of your analysis. You are very much
      on point. The stock is oversold. The P/E is at the
      bottom of the peer group. Insiders are buying. The
      upside vs. other companies (MDT, GDT) is very
      attractive. Good luck!

    • I would like to say I am buying St. Jude at this
      particular time.I believe the stock has been thrown in the
      trash in the latest market down slide.I suppose in
      reading this message none of you are impressed and I can
      understand your concern if you have your money on the
      line.However,I am sure that from this point forward you will be
      getting your money back.This company is way over sold.

    • My apologies. Given that you are a dissatisfied STJ employee, you are more than qualified to participate in this board.

    • Just because I don't write, doesn't mean I can't
      By the way for someone who lives and works in MN,
      don't judge moral at CRMD because you don't
      have a clue what
      people are feeling or going
      through with yet another possible
      lay off. And of
      course you would not know what that is like
      there was not one done in MN last year. When you have
      everyone around you, you know, that you have
      worked with for a lot of years let go because of the
      amount of they made and escorted out like cattle... You
      have the dead weight left for you to still work with
      and no support from upper management because there
      afraid they will be next to go... Boy thats what I call
      good moral...

    • No need to carefully read the STJ announcement on
      the two pacing trials for AF. It is correct a segment
      of brady patients also have AF. However, there is at
      present no FDA approved indication for pacing and AF. In
      addition, many AF patients do not have AF. I believe that
      is the purpose of the second trial that STJ is

      • 2 Replies to thaddeus1976
      • Thad,

        The way I understand the trials,
        they are to see if pacing can eliminate/decrease the
        incidence of AF. Now the way I understand dynamic
        overdrive, according to an article in PACE, it is simply an
        algorithm to ensure atrial pacing. This is kinda like
        reverse hysteresis, but isn't anything

        Second, the FDA does not approve indications. Pacing
        indications are determined by professional organizations
        (ACC, NASPE), as well as by insurers who are the ones
        who determine if a physician and hospital get paid.
        The FDA approves the trials, and once the trials are
        completed, then the physcian boards and the insurers will be
        able to determine if there's value in the results, and
        create an indication for pacing to prevent

        Now, what the FDA can approve is _labeling_. STJ
        pacers with this algorithm will be able to carry the
        label, as well as promotional literature, and sales rep
        spiels, etc., that this pacemaker can eliminate/reduce
        AF. This, I believe, is the desired endpoint to these

      • Hi Tad-Deus 1976
        I have the feeling that you
        have to much to do, why you are using IDEM per IDEM
        method (tautologic explanation the word with the same
        one!), offen used during inkvisision time in Europe.
        This is not a method in communication with
        knowledgeable readers.
        Which patient with AF do not have
        AF??, Do you mean ATRIAL FLUTTER Patients without
        ATRIAL FIBRILLATION ??, or another group of patients.

        My advice is: do not answer every letter in this
        yahoo club, you already have about 50% of all messages.
        Are you starting to discuss with your self?.
        It is
        much better to use another club, like club with
        mirrors, or something more spectacular.
        friendship to the StJ Company, or the ability to establish a
        good discussion can be damaged. Discussing with your
        self can indicate different things.
        But let us be
        more serious:
        You wrote earlier that
        " If
        these features or products (POLARITY) are so compelling
        and potentially saleable in the U.S., it sounds like
        you and your management(European) have not done a
        good job selling internally(to US) "
        Questions are
        2/ Is the
        internal selling only the question of how smart the
        selling staff is or how visionary the buyers are.
        scientific evidence that our European management made the
        excellent job is physician responses in Europe, isn't it
        This dance is an activity for a couple. Do not blame
        the dancers who already approved their dancing
        ability. May be this a question of an another part??.

        Its take 3 years to transfer the Autocapture dance to
        US, how many years we need to start the Polarity
        party, and create the profit on it to ??

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