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  • _ImaHo_ _ImaHo_ Sep 15, 1998 12:25 AM Flag

    He's on their payroll.

    Most of the analysts are of the same mindset as
    those of us, "intheknow", downgraded, and neutral, at
    best. No real hope for big gains in the near future.
    Let you guys tout the loser.
    The news...,,,...
    it's just around the bend...just a few more days for
    the big news..and we're not even playing with it. We
    don't know how.Don't have the mindset, don't have a

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    • The market share data I gave you is CURRENT and only the U.S.
      sector. If I go to the international sector here, I could be caught.

    • The Premier announcement makes me feel a little better about where I put my money. How do you think the street will react?

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      • It's the contacts and tachy revenue increase, not
        to mention the critical mass "shore-up" in the brady
        market. It's a small circle, big get.. . bigger and the
        rest will scratch their heads, wondering how they can
        steal a piece without tortually interfering. It's a
        great industry, the device sector, and the most
        aggressive pirate, the greatest marketing machine, is here
        right accross town. Mr.T is very positive on STJ.
        Me,too, but not now. Let's get the new guys OJT overwith
        and wait for the secret weapon to kick in, Daig, be
        patient. Let the present slugs retire with their fat
        payoff packages and Daig will be our savior. Yeah,
        right.You think Stark got paid enough for Daig? Ask any of
        the seasoned pacer salesmen if they would consider
        throwing in with STJ. Their answer is a resounding NO.
        MDT, GDT, are their preferable choices. I wonder why.?
        Hope the doubletalk at the investor's conference will
        help today. Good Luck..STJ needs it.

      • If the Premier announcement is Ho's big news, he
        is off base. It's not secret MDT was working with
        Premier. So are GDT and STJ. Its a non-exclusive
        arrangement. MDT may be first, but they are not the only ones
        who will work with Premier going forward. Remember
        last year STJ won the biggest chunk of the business
        from Kaiser.

    • Ho, is that your best shot? Do you have anything
      of substance to add to this dialogue? If I am on
      STJ's payroll, that's no different than most of this
      board. In my case, however, I am trying to build up and
      support this company. What's your game?

    • Please tell us what you think is the big
      GDT buying intermedics isn't big news. However if
      they don't buy intermedics thats big news.

      the way I'm glad to read that it's still some
      positive guys on the board. I have lost all my private
      saved money on this stock, but I'm trying to see the
      light in the end of the tunnel anyway. I hope that it
      won't be the light of the train running me down when I
      finally see the light.

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      • <Please tell us what you think is the big
        news.GDT buying intermedics isn't big news. However if
        they don't buy intermedics thats big

        Why would GDT want IMD? By 3rd Qtr they will supassed
        them in brady sales (blowing the doors off as they
        sail past!) and be challenging STJ with their new
        Ireland factory. GDT would rather someone else suffer the
        distraction of integrating products and personnel. They don't
        need a factory in Texas, the Irish are giving them
        plenty of financial reasons to use their labor. Any
        serious offer GDT makes would likey reflect the legal
        liability and intellectual property values

        Regarding the CHF posts, ask the docs who controls CHF
        mindshare. I believe a PhD or two from Daig will not be the

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