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  • Thad issued a challange last
    September...something like "wait and you'll see who the winner is".
    That did it for me...I sold STJ, took the losses and
    went long on GDT and MDT. Here's the 3 month score
    card: STJ +15%, MDT +30%, GDT +45%. I increased
    positions in a few other areas, thanks to advice from
    OneWho, including: TYC +30%, MNMD +50%, VTSS +60% and
    AMAT +70%. Rough numbers of course but you get the
    idea. And the idea is, and will be , that until
    something changes at STJ there are so many better places to
    put your money.

    The word from inside remains
    grim...CRMD has something worse than no leadership i.e. bad
    leadership. The *arks remain un-involved or un interested,
    Operations is being guided by Song, Reyolds, Hafelfinger,
    Inc. and they are way out of their league. Pless is
    now designing the products MDT just released.
    Affinity launch will not be on time. And, the "good" news
    from Corporate is the Guidant settlement. Which, by
    the way, GDT offered to settle out of court for 3X
    the award. That was several years, lawyers,
    consultants and thousands of dollars ago. Can't find much
    good news in valves, either, unless you consider the
    erosion of sales and ASP advantages.

    To Ron and
    The Board: You managed companies that were #1 and #2
    in their fields into obscurity, you trashed the
    careers and hopes of thousands of people, you've made the
    phrase "share holder value" as much of a joke as the
    term "Guiding Principles" and you've shown your true
    characters by the people you put into positions of
    responsibility. You will be a case study in B-Schools. People
    will start calling those decisions that destroy
    companies "Matracarias".

    My hopes are that your
    holiday enjoyment matches your performance.

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    • "...hang in there..."

      Perhaps that is what
      is needed at STJ; a long ride on a short

      DOES ANYONE SEE A PATTERN HERE? Wonderful new devices,
      that will be available AFTER the market has moved on.
      Mr. Matricaria, in an attempt to find success,
      continues to diversify and expand, but as of yet, is unable
      to show *significant* progress in

      Looks like a real close also ran. An almost made it
      I should have taken your advice about

      Not at all hopeful.

    • 0.38 is a good guess, also my personal guess. I think that after the market closes it will be released.

    • We need something like .38 or better.I don't know what time they will release but I've got my fingers crossed.

    • I think there will be a surprise on the up side.

    • When I spoke to St.Jude on the phone two weeks
      ago they stated comfort with .36 cents vs. .30 a year
      ago.I really wonder even though this represents 20% if
      they are playing a card for a surprise.She really
      actually bothered with her lack of enthusiasm.Then we get
      this latest news breaks that would surprise the most
      optimistic.Then again she usually will do this.One would have to
      wonder with all the early approvals,I think we will do
      better than .36cents.St.Jude is turning a corner and
      that is a fact.

    • I really believe that you should hang in there at least until after we see the effects of year end numbers to be announced Wednesday. I wish us all good luck.

    • I am sorry if my *challenge* was ambiguous.
      Although I find your personal position enlightening, all I
      really wanted was a good reason to stay invested. You
      might be right. 28 is probably as good of a place to
      sell as any other we may see this quarter, (although
      personally, if I wanted to day trade stock I would trade
      Internet stocks). By the way, 3 points over 1000 shares is
      over an order of magnitude removed from my misguided

      To me at this point, the real question is when ...if
      ever... will STJ regain the ground it has lost in the
      last five years. After that, we can talk about
      actually making money.

    • Great comment. I think we will both make out just fine and that will be the true test. Here's to pissing off liberals :). Have a great day.

    • Pasinup,
      I apologize for my slow wit and lack
      of information, but, what is the relationship to
      47,000 share of STJ and liberals?? And why should that
      piss them off???

      Thanks in advance for the

    • I don't really care what anyone thinks about what
      I say.However I do pay attention to those who
      listen.By the way Bbirep I have 47,000 shares.That will
      really piss off those liberals.I expect to have a good
      week and St.Jude is heading up.

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