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  • bs37932 bs37932 Feb 25, 2005 5:06 PM Flag

    Why I didn't buy SCHN at $10

    I've only been handling my own portfolio for a little over two years. I have alot to learn. I hadn't even heard of SCHN until 9 months ago.

    You have a lot of useful information and opinions. I kicked myself I didn't buy Nokia when you suggested it.I made over 2% on the day in total. I've paid off my mortgage and bought a new car and my porfolio is still a third larger than when I started this. Maybe you did better. I'm happy with what I did.

    I'm happy to hear your opinions. I'd prefer them without the know it all tone.
    Not everyone has your years of experience in the market. A little humility goes a
    long way.

    Brokers commited a major fraud and I'm still down over a half million which I'm trying to make back the best I can. Any help you can give me will be appreciated. Just watch the tone. I've made a lot of mistakes in the last two years and I will probably make more.I stepped up to the plate last week and sold off about 20% of my holdings,long term holdings with minimal gains or tiny losses. The biggest mistakes I've make in this market is holding long term when I should have taken the sizable gain and moved on or sold it and bought it back.

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    • GEEEEEEEEEEZ: u 2 guys are starting to sound like my parents LOL
      No need to get upset as we should be all helping each other here and pointing out and sharing ideas. I know for one that I check out pmolls thought and establish my own opinion as I would hope u guys also do. I offered up a stock that i was watching a few days ago before i thought it would break out. But u know what happens to thought?--U thought u were going to fart and end up shitting your pants!! Best to check all tips out for yourself and not be lazy. I swing trade most of my stuff now and used to day trade from 98 to 02. Everyone has a style and should be open to others opinions. If people want to read arguing let them go to the ATY and NVDA boards.

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      • We weren't arguing. We were having a civil conversation. pmoll aired his thoughts on Nokia. I wanted to be nice back.
        There are two posts on other boards you might want to read. On the Nucor message board ( NUE) Msg #5375 on 02/24/05 8:08 pm by jaynod33 summarizes a Forbes article on steel stocks. Also on the Mittal Steel board (MT), Msg #5683 on 02/25/05 at 04:54pm by boldpod in which he talks about Mittal and the independent research firm which did the $74 price target for Mittal. The firm he mentions
        uses only trained financial planners CFA's and is in the business of selling its research to the big boys.His post mentions other stocks they recommend
        --if you're interested.

        I don't day trade, I try to be long because of taxes but if I can pick up a couple of thousand in a day or two and then I'm not sure of what's happening, I sell and if later it looks ok, I buy it back in my other account.

        I intend to watch the stocks I bought this week very carefully. Thank you for your concern.

    • You must be doing something right if you're up like you say. Sorry about the attitude but I'm used to Canadians recommending gold, yuk.
      And the other side is true as well, you see, when I recommend something, it's usually me that gets the flack. Nobody wanted to go into NOK when I did. Nobody wanted to go into EXE.a when I said it was worth double what it was trading for. Currently I'm waiting for Symantec to crash and look real ugly. I missed Pfzer at $22 and change, my bid was too low. There isn't much cheap that I can see and I don't day trade because I'm lousy at it.
      Just another note, I lost my lock nut key for the wheels on my wehicle and that might have had something to do with my attitude. ARRRRH!

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