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  • ricupticks ricupticks Nov 19, 2005 10:40 AM Flag

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    good one pman
    my national guard buddy is laughing pretty hard over that one--u know it is a real great feeling when u can explain some things about trading and investing and your buddies believe u and start up an account and actually make some money in the markets for their first time. It is kinda sad to talk withpeople and actually hear them complain that they never make any cash in the market so they just stay away. Tried to explain to the guys at ats about trading the crap out of their stock instead of just holding it. With the swings lately a few of them got it and are very happy--actually telling jokes. Kinda like when the Nas was on fire pre 2000 and everyone was happy!
    whats the difference between a blonde and a refrigerator?
    when u pull your meat out of the fridge it doesnt far t on you
    Thoughts on NOKIA after they gobbled up a competitor of RIMS? Their are alot of people bailing on their jobs at RIm and taking retirement at the moment--im wondering if they know something we dont yet?
    have a great weekend

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    • Way to go Ric.

      I've been thinking about tax loss selling. And I don't have any. I bet there are a lot of us out there like me. Maybe tax loss selling isn't going to be an issue this year. That means full speed ahead. At least till Christmas.

      I almost bought SYNC earlier this year. It kinda keeps staring at you when you start the laptop. So I had a good hard look at it around $2. It didn't have any value to me but I could see somebody buying it and figured it was worth $5. Damned if NOK didn't buy it.
      On RIMM, I have about 20 shorts, I don't mention shorts here cause too many people don't know how to do shorts properly. And that's all I'll say about that.

      OVTI has to be bought on any strength. Till it doesn't work anymore...could go to $28.
      Crazy Eh!

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