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  • bryanhinton83 bryanhinton83 Aug 7, 2012 1:38 PM Flag

    A former employee's point of view

    I find it very interesting how different a company can be perceived from the outside than how it is perceived on the inside. As a former employee of Crexendo, allow me to share my point of view:

    This company is rotting from the inside out. Many posts on this message board talk about Steve Mihaylo like he is a capable business leader. He was a joke to employees. He appeared to be a bumbling old man who was dumping his fortune into a company to desperately try to regain his former Intertel glory. There were real, serious questions among some employees about his senility (I'm not exaggerating!). He couldn't inspire a drowning child to grab a life-saver.

    I was on the engineering team when I was there. This was once a very capable and promising group of around 20 people in the Orem, UT office. This statement is validated by the fact that my current company has eight former Crexendo engineers, and is very satisfied with each one. There are only two engineers left in Orem now, as the new CTO that Mihaylo stands behind has been a poison to the office. To put it bluntly, he is an overbearing control-freak who doesn't listen to anyone but himself. To think that what's left of the engineering team in Orem and Phoenix is capable of developing anything useful is a fool's errand.

    Everyone on this board appears to be waiting for a surge in sales. As a former employee, I can tell you that what Crexendo is offering is basically a dumbed-down Google Voice service for outrageously high prices. Is it any wonder why they can't sell it? Do yourselves a favor with your shares - sell it all and walk away before you lose your money.

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    • I am surprised that Mr. Mihaylo hasn't sued you yet for character defamation. He seems to have a penchant for litigation. Despite a stock buy-back this stock seems to be under a lot of downward pressure. It seems cash reserves are dwindling and revenues don't seem to be ramping in line with expectations given during past guidance conference calls.

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