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  • sragonese sragonese Dec 13, 2013 7:17 PM Flag

    HomeBrew, Screemie, & Bustin ur Chops...


    Great job! Guess some of these blind investors will be better equipped when playing in the jungle next time. I'm still shocked that some people would actually buy a BB stock with atrocious financial statements and readily defend it...Wow! I'll go to war with you guys any day. Merry Xmas to all of you and your families. Cheers.

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    • Ladies and Gentlemen
      I've never posted here before and this will be my first as well as my last. I took the liberty of contacting the company about 2 hours ago via e-mail and just received a phone call from a young lady from investor relations. This was at 9:15 pm New York time. She indicated what we all know about the halt but she informed me that the halt was caused by someone who was mailing unauthorized information to the public with well-prepared illustrations encouraging people to purchase the stock. She said the SEC stepped in and will investigate the situation and will show that the company had nothing to do with this, that no insiders were involved nor sold their stock. My e-mail to the company was asking why we haven't seen a statement from the company and why we were left hanging with no information and our money frozen. She indicated that time was needed to meet with the authorities and at this holiday season, things do not move too quickly. If anyone is interested, I am no youngster with no other motive but to share with you what I've just learned. Please do not call me a pumper nor a basher: call me what a few people do: grandpa! End of first and last post.

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      • That's the real information we need, thank you very much indeed!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • "call me what a few people do: grandpa!"

        Dear Abuelo:

        Thank you for your respectful note. I assume that you are "holding the bag". I'm sorry for your pain.

        There is no doubt that this company is a scam.

        But what is up in the air is whether the underlying 3D company, Umicrom, and its founders Luke, Matt, and Feroz are part of the scam or just The Three Stooges. My gut votes for the latter.

        The scenario that I envision is that shell founder, Nir, and his seedholders put 30M shares in play. The Three Stooges believed that that had found their angel but, instead, the cons found their mark to legitimize the shell.

        So, of course, in this scenario, the possibly legit aspiring entrepeneurs are pleading innocence. They may truly be innocent victims themselves. ¿Pero quién sabe?


    • SR:

      ¡Thanks, amigo! Add your name please to your headline and the scambusting hall of fame.

      Enjoy my posts since April on the iHub MSSD MB since April as DrContango. It's MDDD'S döppelganger!


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