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  • o08o.ugh64w o08o.ugh64w Jul 19, 2013 10:08 AM Flag

    Market maker manipulating the price lower

    I'm convinced of it. All he's doing is slowly getting rid of all the cheap shares he picked up below 40 cents on June 28. He doesn't care what he sells at. Anything above 36 and he's making money.

    If you watch the trading and the ask you can see it. I picked up a few more shares yesterday - he's just giving them all away at the current price. When interest dries up, he lowers by a penny. Been that way for the past week.

    Anyhow, eventually it will stop at some point.

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    • There is still a large bid at 36 cents. Whether it is the market maker or someone else, that recent low likely gets re-tested IMO. The stock price is not forecasting a very good 2Q, w/results due in about three weeks. They really need to be at cash flow break-even in that quarter. There have been no contract announcements at all, other than the negative one related to Hanford. That is not encouraging. The first quarter results were so surprisingly bad, the company has to go a very long way to reverse that in just one quarter to get to operating cash flow break-even. If they accomplished that ,the stock could firm significantly. If they did not, they may have reached an inflection point that will be hard to reverse. They will likely not be getting any help from the government. The government does not want to spend.

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      • I disagree with your synopsis - rabbit knows what he's talking about on this - the stock price is just being moved around based on the fact that it is a 50 cent penny stock. I have no doubt what is taking place with the daily trading of the shares.

        The large bid at 36 cents is going to be there every day after hours. The fact that you continue to believe it is possibly anything else besides the market maker shows that you are not understanding what is happening here.

        You're welcome to your opinion regarding whether that price is tested again. But, if that's the case, then you aren't too smart continuing to hold the remainder of your shares - sell, get out, and move on.

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