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  • dwiane dwiane Sep 25, 1998 7:44 PM Flag

    You dog..........

    Got me!

    Dwight (You will be co-defendant in my countersuit!)

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    • Check out this link... would anybody consider
      buying PESI now that they have 50 million in revenue
      Reasonable responses requested.
      Thanks and good
      investing !

    • now we know how the stock buyback will be

      Gorlin, Steve Director, Perma-Fix Environmental Svc.

      has filed Form 144 to sell 121,390 shares of

      Cha ching!


    • Having to use twisted logic to make sense of an
      "announced" stock buyback, when they've been so busily
      diluting shareholders with destructive REG.D discounted
      convertible preferreds, tends to make my argument.

      makes management either incompetent, or

      Hard choice for shareholders.

      ex-shareholders, luckily.

      Dwight (But I am

    • Congrats on the profit Dwiane. Always nice to
      have. There was a lot of bitching & whining directed at
      you but at least the conversations were slightly more
      intelligent than "nm".

      Regarding bashing the stock,
      aside from a few editorial comments on Livikas (sp?),
      most of your bashing was asking worthwhile questions
      and receiving few answers. There are compelling
      reasons to own the stock or be

      Regarding the Reg. D offering & subsequent stock buy back,
      I really don't have much of an idea how that makes
      sense. My best guess is that originally the Chem-con
      deal was supposed to be a cash & stock deal & they
      needed to raise cash. Unfortunately, the Reg. D offering
      knocked the stock in the toilet & they needed to buy back
      the stock to get the share price up to a decent level
      to keep from overly diluting share value. Seems like
      circular logic, but its the best I can come up with. Then
      the owner got eager to get it wrapped up & went the
      all stock route.

      Regarding the "low" purchase
      price of Chem-con, there are several possible reasons
      for this. They include assumption of debt, assumption
      of liabilities, an owner eager to sell, and a
      relatively depressed market for waste treatment

      To be successful long-term, PESI has to stop
      diluting the share value. It's been pretty bad lately. At
      least, the haven't rigged the Coke machine at
      headquarters to accept stock certificates yet (at least not
      that I'm aware of).

      PESI should actually have a
      P/E that's positive after this quarter, which should
      help things a lot.

    • you assholes can't get a stock to move in the
      most speculative market in history, from reading your
      infantile posts.

      Ever think about what you will do
      for a living when the boom is over?

      you will have learned something about the trash
      market, so your family won't starve.

      I've made
      money on PESI, as much as you think only the scamsters
      should. (May make more!)

      I'm better at knocking
      PESI down than you and all your hypesters and fake
      ID's are at puffing it up. (Too bad for Centofanti--I
      don't need a job)

      Without having access to your
      illegal inside information.

      And even at my age I'd
      wipe a b-ball court up with you. Luckily, you'll never
      find out how bad.

      Get used to it.

      (Found that choice real estate in HELL yet?)

    • of your mind?
      of money?
      of it?
      of the

      getting a bit too close for comfort

      p.s. I got some friends that will arrange a game
      between you and the F.O. Dog. Your call. Let us know.
      Spot you 10 in a game to 21. Call your own fouls (and
      I bet you know foul) You will not only lose the
      game.... ah... let's leave it there.


    • thats bout the best thing i think you could have done dwiane.

      yeah for the retarded guy

    • Well, I sold the rest of my holdings this AM.
      Turned a pretty nice profit, over all.

      I had
      hoped they would run it up somewhere near the old
      highs, but I'm afraid Liviakis isn't up to the job.
      (Ahhhh--the SEC)

      If PESI follows its recent pattern,
      now that the much hyped and (ahem) "anticipated" news
      is out, it will most likely test the lows

      Dwight (Won't I have a decision then!!)

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