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  • rbw1226 rbw1226 Nov 27, 2006 5:43 PM Flag

    Cmon Guys Downside Targets for CME

    If you would like to see some good metastock charts? My system indicators were screaming for the VIX to go up. And I posted that on GTW board. As for CME 520 looks like next support.

    Post a reply with a max of the 3 chart symbols you would like to see. I will send them to your yahoo email as soon as I can. The indicator system on the charts I use help me alot when trying to perfectly time an entry, on any time frame and any type investment. If you read some of my post opinions you may see I might have something that I may put on market and could in the future be an additional help to you.

    Your request if any will be sent in order posted. And please give your opinion with a rating score of a 1-10 after you have seen the charts. But I am mainly just trying to decide if I want to go thru the time and trouble. So your responses would be greatly appreciated.

    Ps I sent a few charts to drichards1953 already and he may rate and comment on them. But since we disagree on the direction GTW should be going he may opt out of a reply.

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    • I am trying to get out of Anooraq Resources (ticker symbol: ANO on amex).

      This is a Peter Grandich stock promotion that i got tricked into purchasing in the Fall of 2004. He is paid in stock options with a strike price of 90 cents so suddenly, he is making money and was on touting Anooraq (explains today's bump up).

      Yeah, send me the Metastock charts with all your fancy Metastock plug-in indicators. And, send me CME as well.


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