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  • funnimone67 funnimone67 Jun 1, 2012 2:08 PM Flag

    This money PRINTING is SICKENING

    Ponz, like so many others on this BB I truly fear not only for this country but also for the sad state this world finds itself in today... And don't even get me started on the quality of political leadership.

    But then again, how can you expect the citizens to understand the true risks facing us today when none of the politicians nor the media make any serious attempt to explain what is going on?

    In fact, it may be true that there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. If so, we are trapped in a world in which the blind are leading the blind over the cliff.

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    • Citizens that either utilize ignorance, being naive, lack of understanding, or any other means of not really understanding whats going on might just be better off than those of us that do. I won't get you started on politicians or the media. You don't deserve to go there right now.

      My heartfelt feelings extend most to the young children that are born into this sad state. Then to take it to the 1 in 2 kids that don't even graduate high school, the kids that graduate college saddles with debt and then to the folks that can't retire because they have no savings and to those that thought they could retire only to find out they can't because of what is now negative ZIRP unless they take up bernanke and risk everything they have in something that they know little about called the market. None of the above segments of society have much of a chance.

      You are known as funnimone for reasons I certaintly understand. I am known as ponzischeme for reasons you understand.

      Its a long way down off the cliff.

      Oh, by the way, while I always like to be a realist, I have grown up to ebb toward the side of being an optimistic realist. I am not a gloom and doomer.

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