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  • ponzescheme ponzescheme Feb 1, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    DECENT contract volume this week at CME

    Today should clear 16M. This would make for a nice continuing trend.

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    • Everything a joke with aaahhaa. Ponz do you think with the good numbers that it could change the month from down to at best flat? I saw your post were you said so far this month will be down a bit that's why i am asking. Many thanks. I hope your week was a good one my friend? This had to be the best week i had this year,not counting Cme running up. Looks like she wants to go straight to 60 ? What ever just happy to see her move like that, i forgot how it felt it's been so long since we had move like this. Again i hope it;'s not like the last 2 times we ran straight to 60, than right back down to 50 again? Other than everything being over bought and our poor numbers do out next week now everyone knows so it won't come as a shock as you said. Would love to see her take out 60 but after maybe a little correction or just a buck trading range to work off her being overbought.Not selling anything NOR am i buying anything God knows if i bought a 61 triple top breakout it would be the kiss of death for me with this stk. Again hope you had great week and thanks for your info can always count on you for news. Just got out of last tread can relax now and just watch cme run.All the very best

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      • CME1111 going into yesterday had contract volume off 2.2% and my rough numbers were around 3% for YOY Jan vol. Yesterday did help a bit but not enough to change the percentages much. Since it is so close to its highs I would like to see it set a 52 week high. By doing that it would establish itself at around a two year high. Last time CME set a 52 week high, years ago, it really disappointed. My experience shows that when you set one 52 week high, more, and maybe many more, will follow. So we will see. For me, its been a good month. Enough to make for a good year so I worry that there might not be much in the way of advances until later in the year? CME 1111, I want to see it all get going.

    • Probably a record week in IRS. That REALLY needs to get going.
      Was hoping to get close to 63 by earnings. This week was a dud until today.

      Diceman. Ahahahaha.

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