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  • joeypoles joeypoles Feb 15, 2013 3:53 PM Flag

    aapl in arera of last good support 60-56 area. Looks like high pole was a good warning signal .

    She needs to fight down here for a few days i would think if i were to buy her i would wait until she eats into low part of support 56 as risk would low for me. Not saying buying here would be wrong it's just that risk is a bit much for the coward in me .If she can do some work down here for a few days it could help to Cfm a near term bottom? We talked about in eariler posts about if she could rally into gap area 84-88 and fail and go back to test 60 it could cfm a near term bottom. So here we are and now lets see if she can hold and fight for a few days, than if she can next rally should be a good one,but first she needs to do some work down here . At least that's the way i look at her Any thoughts would be great thanks

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    • Poles I think come Tuesday I'm going to be DEAD MEAT with this CRA APPLE I bought Friday.. I have some from $464 and $462. If that ain't bad enough. Why the heck I decided to fight the stock on a Friday. ???. I got a bad feeling. If I get killed on this I am going to be P ISS ED OFF. Why O why didn't I just sell them and forget it..Here's hoping for the best.

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      • You never know my friend ? Why do you feel that way? I know you don't want to hear chart talk but if it's to make a bottom she needed to test were she got a biy signal and that was 460 area ,456 460 should be good support need 32 print for new sell signal that's far away. to even think about it unless there's news coming that no one knows about??? You not long at bad prices i think just above support .Just watch for a 3 box move up from either 60 area or 64 area if she does i would take a small gain ? Myself like i said in post looking to buy some at lower end of support close to 56 than risk very small If she gaps below it i will stay out and watch but unless there's news can't see a big gap down unless you know something?? Good luck tmw ,By the way got my #$%$ kicked in my gld got stopped out lost 2 pts on 22caks the gap hurt me but can't win them all the 3 box key up did me .If you look at the gld chart it seems every 3 box key either up or down you made mobey if you went with it,but this idiot went against it because i thought get long at the bottom of range was low risk trade which it was but without a buy signal from point that was real stupid by me she gave a sell i i went long , i am sure you never made dumb mistakes like that one my friend So cheer up there's only room for 1 idiot on this board and that's me I am sure you will come out ok tmw All the best I can't even ck this post to see if i have errors ???

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