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  • charts123 charts123 Apr 28, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

    Some interesting charts Goog- Gld -Isrg -Pcln -aapl

    First Gld rallied up to fill gap area even with rally still a bit oversold Point chart still in bear mode Rally could take her as high as last Maj support 150 triple bottom area That's a push though. Goog gave off 3 box key back to 800 double top were she broke out from A little overbought Maj up trend line still at 765 area Support at 800, under there 770 Even with 3 box key formation she's not in a formation were i would want to be a buyer here at 800 even though it's a 3 box key and you know i love them,and low risk trade too.. Would rather wait to play from long side here at 800 as there's good chance she could test her 770-60again? Pcln Nothing much has changed still holding 680 area last maj support no buy signals so to speak other than a low pole warning signal 700 area with both 20and 50day avgs holding her Weekly chart not bad held her 20day avg and rallied from it 680 area Maybe pole is right and telling us she want s to move higher to test maj DOWN TREND LINE coming in at 735 area?? TO ME SHE MUST HOLD ABOVE 700 if one is long? Isrg BEEN IN 20 BUCK RANGE DOUBLE TOP 88 DOUBLE BOTTOM AT 68 Still below maj 45 degree line coming in at 500 even Wouldn't play until Either top or bottom is taken out A 92 buy could take her to test 500 trend line 64 should give us a test of last low Not much to look for either way Best to look else were for time being? AAPL don't follow it any more since point chart is wrong and they haven';t fixed it big difference from what you see to what is real. It's a sin because at least to me it has been a good pattern chart to swing or day trade but with errors i just can't trust it Anyone with thought Daddy - AaAHHAA -PoNZ THAT WOULD BE GREAT aLL THE BEST NEXT WEEK

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    • Goog WAS DEAD WRONG BOT GOING WITH 3 BOX KEY WHICH I LOVE VERY SORRY ABOUT THAT CALL THE ONLY GOOD THING WAS I HAD NO REASON TO BE SHORT HER WHO EVER BOUGHT HER WELL DOWN.. THE 3 box key worked as you know i love them,BUT for some reason the formation she was in thought it was better to stay out than get long there even though it was a very low risk trade again For anyone who bought it WELL DONE THAT WILL TEACH ME TO GO AGAINST MY 3 BOX MOVES...PCLD opened right in support area we spoke about that i though was important from low pole to mov avgs daily and weekly all pointing to 700 as key Watch her go below by down to 97+ than rallied back above key area rallied up to 703 than backed off and held 700 area bought a few at 701.75 JUST SOLD HALF AT 707 WILL HOLD BAL TILL CLOSE USING STOP now just below were i got in(701.50) really should be 700 but hate giving back money in high priced stks as they move so fast happy with small piece of the pie. ISRG STILL IN RANGE NOTHING THERE GLD looking to add to my short position but still a bit oversold could get as high as 148-150 but i doubt 143 gap area could be it?? AAPL nothing don't follow her anymore any thoughts would great That's it for tdy just watching pcln to see if get stopped out or hold if close is above 10 area if not will be out by close all the best Pls any thought pls share them

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