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  • joeypoles joeypoles Nov 25, 2013 1:48 PM Flag


    I think we are the only 2 bulls every one else is a bear it seems since paulson went from bull to big bear soros and loeb sold everything all the analysts are calling for gld to 114 area i feel bad i talked you in to this position believing in the formation don't mind if i am wrong but when i talk others into it that eats at me always has even when i was trading for others at e.f hutton hated calling them telling them i am wrong again could never get over that feeling you feel like you let them down and you need to be right from here on in which is impossible . Again sorry formation not dead yet still possible just no 114 print

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    • I am very good. I like playing the other side. Pretty much did that all the way up with CME. The other day I brought up the .50X1.50 P&F chart on GLD and was saying that it repeated the pattern of around 6 boxex after a double/triple bottom breakdown a number of times in this big downtrend (I know you try to stay away from those). Right now this one only has 5 boxes and if it traded 119 today it would have been the 6 th box. Good rallies took place afterward and I do think that today's trading did try to get down there but was rejected. This is just gonna take a little patience thats all. You aren't alone about telling others that you were wrong. You get the seat behind me. And wadda ya know, we just caught a nice little rally. We are going to be just fine. About Paulsen, I thought he was still long big no?

    • Poles are you trading the contract?. Not GLD..

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      • gld, you can't
        trade the futures the machine swipes up and down run stops i learned my lesson plus my son on the floor and he trades options, spds and now and than futures in gld copper yes but gold the big boys own the machine.GLD It's safe you can't get killed other than gaps if your on wrong side. i am long 1250 lots i mean shares it seems ponz and myself are the only bulls i like the odds at least 2 million to 2

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