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  • joeypoles joeypoles Nov 27, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    ponz cme can't hold rally again looks like

    correction is cfm now and we will see lower prices ? To be honest glad to because now i have a good chance of seeing that 3 box number 81 plus very possible it could go to sit on top of triple top at 78 area, that being a long shot though think at best 79 area could be low Have orders in now at 81.50 for 300 and 300 every 50 cents on down to 20 day mov avg. I don't really want to see high pole we have 11 box up so if we take 6 box as the pole it also puts us at triple top,.poles back to break out area are not healthy for the stk but again we are talking about the cme which has it's own rules it follows Any thoughts ? THanks and have a great day tmw me a the 2 dogs plain on having a good day bought them special treats

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    • With you there. Correction is healthy and I do want to get long some more so if my holdings suffer, so what. Today's rally was only because of those upgrades in price targets. Otherwise I doubt it would be up at all. Oooh, special treats gonna be big. Have a great day too. Remember, Friday is just a half day and they shouldn't even bother opening it all.

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      • I forgot to tell you i bought 15,000(0.84) when she took out highs of nnrx stk tdy sold everything and did very well as you know,, but this stk keeps on going higher and the service says that the company just moved into stage 2 of trials of their new cancer drug for man? Plus they have new products coming to mkt next month they see 4to 5 with good earnings buy year end next year?? Hell i am playing with their money so it makes buying the highs of a penny stk not that bad of a buy i hope????

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