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  • ponzescheme ponzescheme Nov 27, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    Poles, on NNRX

    Just looked at the most current balance sheet (Oct 2012) and it showed tangible net assets of $18,000. Thats the value of the entire company that now has a market cap of about $40M, I'd say that there is an awful lot of built up value in there already and all it has on paper is not hot air, but no air. 18 thousand dollars. And of course there a zero revenues. Wow.

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    • I know that and they spell it out up front it',s not what they had it's what the company could become going forward it's not one these pump and dump penny stks that i been in and been taken to cleaners no brokers just a service that trying to show that they can make money with new companys going forward .that's all they do they update on every new piece of news. You know like i do the price that it's trading at is not on what it has done but what it could be going forward you would know this better than i as your a stk trader i know #$%$.if it tanks so be it playing with their money now you know the way i trade chart could care less about earning with a penny stk it's very hard to play the chart but the fact that it's not a 5 cent stk some penny broker is pumping for 10 cent gain that don't say wereto get in or get out that's up to the invester they want your business the only way they can get it is by looking for companys that they see a future in it going forward so forward i will have to wait untill at least 6 months to say they know what their doing if this stk does what they hope it does it will be higher come april if it's a piece of #$%$ i will know real soon but for 125 bucks a year for 6 to 8 stks a year come april i will know if i want the service? Right now it's free and no one calls me ponz just emails with updates never saying buy more just news. If it bull we will know soon right?

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      • I know you are playing with their money however when somebody, (not you) buys these things they are buying it with their money. For someone like yourself that holds stocks normally from about 1 to 3 days or so, the last thing you are concernced about is some news that may or most likely may not materialize in a year or down the road. These stocks are for playing around and I know thats what you do with them and thats OK. I am not saying you are an idiot and putting you down. c'mon now. You look at that chart and after it IPO"d, if went to around $1.50 and then swiftly down to $.45. I feel for the people that pay up for these things only to lose most of it or all of it. With these things, someone is Bernie Madoff's first customer who is rewarded and most are down the line that get anhilated. I am scarred from the abuses that I have seen people (speculators) take in that market.

    • And yes, they did do their IPO (I wonder if they knew the underwriters, like personally) so they have that money to burn through. Don't know how much they raised but I have sure seen this film before.

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