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  • joeypoles joeypoles Nov 28, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    ponz about traders that buy penny stks or ipoS

    to be honest like any trader if they didn't do their homework like us they lose money No one feels sorry for us when we lose money why should any feel bad about a penny stk buyer who gets caught buying then or a ipo too? When most guys buy penny stks their looking for a home run by putting up very little to make tons of money if lucky. When got tips on floor and lost money i couldn't afford to lose i knew the risk and took it because i wanted that home run In all the years on the floor i think i bought 10 penny stk tips either buy friend or a penny pumer ,I hit one BICO bought 100,000 shares i think it was 5cents not sure but i WENT in and out of that sytk for 2 years the pumper had a good thing going before they got caught and went off to jail without bail But over the 2years i made at least $50 ,000 when 50,000 was worth a hell of a lot more than it is now I new risk and got lucky every time it went back from were it was to 3to 5 cents i bought it again and again the pumpers ran it up with same story I GOT CAUGHT THE LAST TRADE WHEN NEWS CAME OUT STILL HAVE THE SHARES ON MY WALL THAT COST ME ABOUT 5 GRAND, they got away with it for 2 years until sec caught them big story on cnbc about scam .Maybe nnrx is the same thing i don;t know but i just about doubled my money on 22,000 shares and when she took out the high i bought it again playing the chart but i have stop ifshe gets below 79 i am out got to give it room to correct but i don't know if this stk going forward is going to be a winner for long term holders but time will tell. All you had to say to me was good luck get lucky again, but unlike you you made me feel like some first time trader who has no clue what's going on I don't think i ever made yiu feel that way about any trade you made it was always good luck But i felt hurt by you feeling sorry about who bought the ipo and got hurt tHEY HAD TO KNOW THEIR RISK WAS SKY HIGH AND THEY GOT HURT BAD FOR A BUCK THAT HURTS I KNOW WE ALL BEEN THERE OURSELVC

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