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  • joeypoles joeypoles Nov 29, 2013 1:21 PM Flag


    Added to my gld position think she's trying to build a base and tdy action except for the gap hate gaps in gld wasn't that bad? still everything i read it seems everyone is a bear can't blame them added 250(120.68) up to 1500 shares my avg is getting a little better. Cme was looking for buy from 81 -79 area but last 3days it seems to stall just below 82.00 think it will move lower to those numbers ,but can't take the chance that it hold here and don't buy anything back so i started tdy when she tested yesterdays low and held and started to move up bought 250 share 81.85 ,. Come monday will look to add more but will start lower at 81.01 on down to 79 area.if it gets that low?

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    • You think the sellers in gold are done Poles. I don't..I still like CME. But I only got a few thousand left($76). I would love to stock up at like $70... Low $60s would be a dream come true

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      • as. long as they don't trade 116 i should be ok looking at formation that's why i am long low risk too i think ponz and myself are only ones long? I sold everything but 450 lousy shares off cme from 80 to 84.05 i am buying back first the 1000 i sold last Had to start some were yes? was looking for 3 box key back first 81 will look to buy balance down to 79 there's a triple top at 78 we could go that low if we do that's a high pole warning signal think if it gets under 78 with 77 print i will stop buying and. wait Cme does it'd own thing hasn't really been true to the signals except the triple top take out but that so far is good for 5 bucks which isn't bad ? If i was trading the cme like i had been the last few years selling nothing when it rallied watching my equity drop 20 30 grand at a time this time i sold about 1600 shares with a very low avg price nothing like ponz who's long at 155 but took out some good bread and the dips now don't eat at me .With the high prices of pcln goog i can't trade them too high lose 3days worth of funds even if i am right for a day trade thei lose a large amt oif money that i could use else were plus aapl point chart is wrong so that's 3 stks that i made so good money last year that's dead to me now This is the lowest amt of funds i have working for me with just cme and gld both small positions so far. On gold every service i read or talk to the gold floor everyone is a big bear Back when it was trading 50 55 area 2 years a go it was 50 50 not as bad as now i did very well buying than so if formation works out that is i need a reversal before116 print double bottom as that kills formation but double bottom at 116 is still a very low risk entry point, but i am hopping for formation that if i get it the risk reward will be big ifi don't as long as it holds 116 bottom than one could except a rally out of bottom,but no formation i AM SURE BOTH YOU AND PONZ HAVE MADE SOME BIG BUCKS IN CME I AM HAPPY TO HAVE SOLD RALLY NOW TO BUY DIP

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