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  • aud802009 aud802009 Apr 7, 2014 1:05 PM Flag

    you people are a joke

    here are some recents buys i have read on this board in the last week buy CME at 70 buy PEIX and a few others. they all claim that they are rich but they keep losing all of their money in the markets. even a stop loss order wont work for them because after they buy the next day their pick drops.

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    • I DITTO Poles in SPADES. What stupid planet are you from Aud.. GREECE?

    • look you stupid mother fuc6er know what your talking about read all the posts you #$%$ on peix i made good money 3 times got stopped out on last trade recieved over 2 million in stk in nmx own just 1800 shares of cme avg about 66.78 sure i gave back good money i can live with that but jerk know what your talking about before you open you god dam stupid mouth What about gld you forget that? know your facts before you open your stupid mouth plus some on here own shares at 115 going back years not me but some traders We gave back gains we are not losing money just gains so pls do your homework you really #$%$ me off dumb sob

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