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  • mawsii1 mawsii1 Apr 11, 2010 8:26 AM Flag

    Filing Said

    So what, the co gets more capital to build the business. And people that put up the money make some profits.. How many companies out there put out forecasts of growth from 87 mil to 220! right now we are building a base for the next leg up..This is needed for all stocks..Create value by news and good business.Done..establish price valuations..being done..Put out the next large contract news...underway and coming to a store near you..That is new york where everyone buys... A little..patience..It won't be long before we have more good news..No company would put out such growth this early without having most of it in the bag already..Also, no doubt they were very conservative in the net income, this is where you will see much higher numbers that wall st will grab on to.. With good numbers, this will go to 20 plus this year..the float is very small and hedge funds love stocks close to 10.00, because the move to 20 is easy...Short if you like, but I wouldn't recommend it. Good luck all