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  • mawsii1 mawsii1 Apr 18, 2010 10:11 AM Flag

    Either way this stock is a buy..float is still very small

    This one has been hard to hold on to that's for sure. It doesn't make sense for it to sell off so much after such great news on the rev front. and china's GDP growth. CDII has obviously been selling being that they recieved shares at zero cost, and as far as the recent 8K, we'll I see nothing wrong at all. The co now has 11 million more cash available to grow, and if they are buying here I'm don't think they will be selling for a 2 buck profit! There will be large contract announcements soon to follow the supply contracts.. The first qr is already in the bag too..and that they put out net profits forecast, you know they will exceed those numbers so wall st. can upgrade for the next legs up. Even if they only did 150 million vs last yrs 87, thats huge growth. How many co's have put out 120% rev forecasts? None..I do wish this wasn't so volatile though..That in itself makes it harder for funds to buy into and hold...slow and steady is much much better for all... Lets go CNAM, good luck longs..

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    • are you talking cdii or cnam ?

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      • CNAM,,,but CDII was a 10% owner of shares given to them last year on a transaction ..1.2 million shares. CDII sold 25% of those shares in the 4th qr of 2009, and my guess is that they have been selling most if not all into the strength. CDII also is CNAM investor relations for the USA... Everyone will see this when CDII releases the 1st quarter statement.. But this was one of last years transactions and the shares sold into the float..This is ok, nothing wrong with that. CDII made a great trade, zero commission for shares and CNAM didn't need to pay out cash needed for the buying of inventory in the 4th. quarter..which went from 1.5 million and increased to 31 million. At this point, all of that is sold and washed into the 4th qr and first quarter of this year. I also think wall st has been selling the warrents given.. All of this will be washed into this quarter which should come out soon. Then the game begins to move back over 10 and onto 20.. This is where this one will be going... wall st loves story stocks..and this is one of them..