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  • mawsii1 mawsii1 May 18, 2010 10:10 AM Flag

    To all longs

    We need everyone to directly communicate to upper management. The company has been doing everything right and I commend them for this. I have read through each SEC filing back to 2005. The biggest issue is representation on Wall ST. CDII has done a good job getting them to where they are today, however, it's a total conflict of interest to have them currently representing our company while selling shares in the open market. Also, we need exposure to market makers and money managers that will bring in buyers to support the huge upside we have with this company. I'm not sure what Rodman is doing for us at this time, but looking back at their past record in underwriting other companies. 80 to 90 % of their deals have lost considerable value after they underwrote and sold securities for companies such as China Armco. Some as much as 50% losses. Here they sold shares at 6.50 for us for 10 million in capital raise, but didn't bring other buyer in afterwards to support the value allowing a 30% loss to date? Raymond James, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Sacks. Just where do you think we'd be trading is they represented us.. Well over 10.00, easily.. Everyone needs to voice these concerns to headquarters and make a move away from CDII.. We need to move to the next level so that when the company does dilute down the road, which is fine, we bring in enough cash keeping the share count minimal...This stock is a steal here, we need more news on sales and new representation. To Gary and Richard at CDII, these comments are not to criticize but to allow this company to move up to the next level, I appreciate what you have done for CNAM, but its time for this baby to get legs! Good luck all,

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