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  • mawsii1 mawsii1 Jul 8, 2010 1:01 PM Flag

    China direct ?? Call them 954-363-7333

    No "CLUE!" Exactly why we must change IR firms. Stock values are built on data and information. Without that, its total speculation. Here is what's needed. First, what is the status of our new scrap yard, when did production start, how much HMS 1 & 2 have shipped to date, how many Metric tons is expected to ship next quarter, give updates on 2nd and 3rd quarter revenues. Half of the companies revenues will come from Commodity sales, the last data point in this part of our business was Dec 2nd..have we not sold anything yet this yr? THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT THE MARKET NEEDS, VS THE VACUUM OF SILENCE! It's simple IR/PR work..without this, there now is distrust..Professional investors paid 6.50 per share to provide capital for this company to grow, they have lost more than 5 million in a few you really think the co and CDII don't care about where the stock trades? All CEO's and IR firms care, no doubt.

    Now, as far as our CEO buying in, it is always good to see this, however for Mr. Yao it's really just moving his cash from one pocket to the other so that he keeps control with over 50% ownership..He now has 7.4 million shares. He's not selling these shares now so in Theory he doesn't care where the stock trades today(but we all do don't we?) With 51% ownership he has no people to answer to, even with a board of directors, he still holds the final vote. That said, I do believe his intentions and investment into the company is good for China Armco to become a much larger company. I also believe the warrants given out at 7.50 is capitol the company will need for this much expansion. That's a long way from 3.00 per share...So what we need is simple, just good information!

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