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  • chessman954 chessman954 Mar 18, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    HGSH WOW !!! up 10 fold in less than 6 months

    I hope this is next

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    • All of the legitimate Chinese reverse mergers will be going up soon I am sure. There is another reason they are so low right now. The fed has been pumping money into the marketplace and even buying certain securities and equities somewhat secretly.. but the vet's on wallstreet know big fed has set a price floor out there. But they certainly have not been buying Chinese reverse mergers they don;t want to prop up competition. But the market has a way of bringing balance sooner or later, these equity prices are selling at 2007 stock market crash levels. Once people get wind of this one after the excellent year end report we all expect than watch out, it could blow up.

      Also Chinese reveres merger index continues bullish surge. Something has to break sooner or later, and 28th looks like the day.