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  • sam_boy4u sam_boy4u Apr 17, 2009 11:01 AM Flag

    wow, holding well

    Its great, about 10K shares got traded this morning and Luna has been holding very well.
    HNSH is down by about 6-7%, seems like we may see a good ending of the lawsuit.

    Go Luna go!


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    • Even though it was taken from a reputable, legal website...the question remains is...who reported and wrote it? Who is this 'Ben Hallman'? He could be a hired gun for Hansen, who's intent was to put a negative spin (for LUNA) on the case, and get this article out in the public's eye to spook investors.

      BTW, someone just bought my $1.20 shares for $1.85 >>>>>> SOLID!!!

    • The Counter claims being dismissed is NOT good.

      The jury will be fast if it feels the case is a "slam dunk", but that is usually better for the Defense (LUNA). The longer it goes, the better the potential for a damage award. I hope it happens today. If I am going to suffer, I'd like to get it over with, and TODAY seems like a good day to suffer!

    • That was precisely the point of entering this article the other article is not a lot different but basically the point that LUNA lost all its counterclaims in short order is important I think. bdmacg do you think the longer the jury takes to make a decision the better for LUNA?

    • I didn't like reading about all of LUNA's counterclaims being dropped, but whatever. This article actually references another article that was apparently a little more serious - but that you have to pay to get access to. Sounds like a verdict should be soon...

    • All you can tell from that story is that both sides made it through closing arguments. So, the Judge reads the Jury Instructions, gives the Jury a verdict form and sends them off to their room. If it is quick, they will come back after lunch with a verdict. Otherwise, it could be a while!

    • Thanks for clearing that up. I now know that a fashion degree is worth more than a law degree. Especially when a legal website stresses fashion rather than legality.

    • It was taken from a premier legal site and if you don't want to read it I don't give a XXXX!!!!. The prime reason I posted it is the mention of gonzalez apparently performing well in font of the jury. Most of the jury probably have no idea what they are listening to and as Johnnie Cochrane showed it is convincing the jury NOT proving your case. I don't plan to sell yet but I'm not super confident.

    • I appreciate you going out of your way to post something regarding this trial. However, who gives a crap how an attorney was dressed? That has no bearing regarding this trial. I'm assuming that you didn't write the statement, but whoever did appears as if they should be working for "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" and not covering legal matters. I realize that all of us stockholders are in limbo until a decision is made, but please don't post some useless information. If I wanted that I'd watch TMZ or that gay guy that Entertainment tonight. We're not worried about the Red Carpet. Regardless, my cards are in and I'll be with this stock until I either make a profit or they pry my shares from my hands due to BK.

    • Not good if true

      MoFo, Wilson Sonsini Square Off in Closing Arguments in Bet The Company Silicon Valley Trade Secrets Case
      By Ben Hallman
      April 17, 2009
      We don’t usually inveigh on trial lawyers’ sartorial choices, but we couldn’t help but wonder, while reading The Recorder's colorful story about closing arguments in fascinating trade secrets case, what was going through the head of Morrison & Foerster's Arturo Gonzalez when he picked out his outfit for the day. Gonzalez, reporter Zusha Elinson writes, was "sporting a gray suit, blue shirt, and a dark tie featuring a full moon rising behind a howling wolf."

      Gonzalez is representing Hansen Medical in a dispute with Luna Innovations, which is represented by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati's Jamie DiBoise. The two companies collaborated on a joint venture earlier this decade, but now both accuse the other of stealing and patenting intellectual property for a robotic arm used in heart surgery. Hansen's had a better time so fart in the San Jose courtroom of state court judge Joseph Huber; Luna's counterclaims have all been dismissed or dropped. Hansen's looking for about $50 million in damages from Luna, a potentially ruinous amount for a company with a market cap of just $20 million.

      As Elinson reports, it wasn't just Gonzalez's tie that was colorful. "Gonzalez, an engaging storyteller, was at times animated and then quiet at others, drawing the jurors to his themes," Elinson writes. Describing what Gonzalez said was one Luna employee's efforts to keep his execs from two-timing with another company, Gonzalez paraphrased what the employee said: "'That's like cheating on your wife!' — he didn't say that but you know what I mean."

      He also likened Luna's explanation for why it didn't end up doing a deal with Hansen to those of a hapless house painter: "You hire someone to paint your house and he comes and paints the neighbor's, and he says, 'Well, I intended to paint yours.' This is ridiculous."

      No mention in the story about what DiBoise was wearing, so we will assume a lupine-free outfit. His style was tamer, too. DiBoise "calmly offered bite-sized defenses, although with less flair than his counterpart," according to the Elinson. "They ask for so much money in this case that if you award it, Luna would cease to exist," DiBoise said quietly, at one point.

      DiBoise argued that Luna complied with the agreement that gave Hansen the first right to negotiate an exclusive license, as required by a 2006 agreement between the companies. He said Hansen decided not to take the deal. "This fact simply gets in the way of the story that Hansen wants to tell you," DiBoise said.

      Gonzalez won the battle of supporters, according to the story. Several MoFo associates were there to watch. His wife, Rosa, was also in the audience with two of their children, Eduardo and Armando, taking advantage of a spring vacation to see their dad in action. Eduardo said he was impressed by his father, even declaring it better than a baseball game.

      We'll let you know what the jurors have to say when the verdict comes in.

    • Amazing answer. I bet you're a Harvard law grad.

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