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  • davidshedivy davidshedivy Aug 21, 2009 11:46 AM Flag

    who buys spec stock at the 52 wk high?

    suckers i would venture to say

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    • And your reason for showing up here to share your spectacular insights with us is? Oh, trying to pump yourself up by calling others names, or Oh, maybe to save us suckers from the pumpers?

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      • the vast majority of small investors (that would be the people on here) fall prey to the market's pump and dump game

        i am here to say that this is not a successful operating company and that chances are, whatever the 77 people do at this company in minnesota, it is likely that other people elsewhere do it better, and/or that the technology is passe

        so, if you think you're gonna get rich here, think again, these guys have never turned a profit and will likely never do so

        the chance that they will make a profit and survive is probably about 1%, thus the ceo crowing about his burn rate

        that said, i think i'm providing a far better service than you by stating my negative sentiment than you are by even questioning my motives

        look, the NEC PR is untenable offshore pighooey, NEC is in the dumper and will steal any IP not nailed down

        that these guys would allow a cross town regional brokerage pump them is near criminal, but notice they didnt raise the 12 month price

        this stock will settle back to the mid 2's by early next week, there are too many forces working against them and probably no more quasi-analysts they can hit up

        notice all the side deals going down, 10k shares going off above market, you dont suspect that those are wall street theives getting short the stock?

        there is no reason for this stock to go up and lots of reasons for it to go down

        the only reason the stock has gone up is because granger only makes 2k a year, so how do you think he gets paid? based on the stock price and he's too incompetent to make money the old fashion way

        hope this helps, i recommend getting short the bolighter