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  • h_grant_h h_grant_h Feb 28, 2013 2:00 PM Flag

    Blind chase -

    There is no order, but just a show display at the exhibition.

    "Aligned with Samsung's new smart digital displays." Wow!! Big deal. NOT!

    Let me get this straight -

    Samsung's new digital display is NEW also. That means, even Samsung doesn't know how that new product will turn out. There is no sales from Samsung yet.

    So, what exactly does RNIN get with this "alignment"? A lip service.

    Oh, those idiots chasing this junkie will be burned hard, like always.

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    • Hello, bagholders, is there anything really new with this perennial loser?

      Did you idiots see the $15 mln new share offer, filed and went effective just weeks ago? What did I tell you suckers?

      The Samsung new trick got you, once again. Did you listen to the CC? There was NOTHING there! Zero, zilch, nada.

      Thanks for letting short this junkie at $4.65! Can't believe my order got filled.


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      • Where are those brave buyers/sheeps? Welcome to the slaughterhouse!

        Baggies, did you see those LARGE sell orders? Folks, they're bad, really. They're dumping those new shares into the open market! They faked that nonsense "news" yesterday, in order to jack up the stock, and caused a blind chase by those greedy idiots. And now, they're dumping those junkie shares.

        This is as bad as it gets in the stock market - they're cheaters/crooks.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Where is the comment from Samsung rep dude saying "Yes, we've partnered with Ronin because blah blah blah leader this, great opportunities.

      Is the same as if I bought a new car and said I partnered with BMW. vvegmaster and BMW partnered to make use of their new 5 series automobile!

    • who gives sheeeet what you think - u missed it and its about making money and not wonder what the news is about - play it and shut up kid