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  • jpbjjt jpbjjt Feb 22, 2009 10:48 AM Flag

    cramer knows how to screw us

    there is no way anyone can judge the market,the hedgeers have taken over.
    don't beleive me,
    googl " deepcapture "

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    • What honesty? He goes on the Today Show and tells people to stay away from stocks and then goes on his own show, hours later, and pumps new stocks to own. Read his first book, " Confessions of a street Addict". I bet you won't have that warm,fuzzy feeling any longer.

    • just been to deepcapture site. while i don't believe
      everything written there i am quite disturbed by the
      fact that if this naked short selling abuse has been
      reported for such a long time then why has it not been
      is it that organised crime now controls the whole
      apparatus of investigating agencies?

      has u.s.a arrived at 'the mob rule'?

    • Cramer is the most honest guy out there, don't blame him. He's been telling people point blank for months that capital preservation is the most important thing.

      I have my bad feeling for GE, who allows the other CNBC nuts to spout off things I just hate. Kudlow, Gasbag, and Santilli all rant about unfettered capitalism, which caused this mess and enriched them, and their buddies. GE won't shut them down because CNBC is making money, NBC is a loser.

      I have stopped watching CNBC during mkt hours, too sick of their "NYC centric" style of journalism, which is not any form of journalism I know (no fair reporting, no checking stories with other sources, etc).

      I still watch Cramer. Listen to his loud messages, he does the stock stuff just to appease the fans. Ignore that, except for a trade.

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