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  • orclwatcher orclwatcher Nov 4, 2004 9:25 AM Flag

    MSTR vs BOBJ

    MSTR certainly is doing well, but there are a lot of sales positions open - looks like about 20 - what gives with that? That is usually a sign that there are problems brewing.

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    • LOL - and I thought the "spin" would stop when the election was over. <sigh>

      A lot of open sales positions COULD mean they have many opportunities in the pipeline and that business is booming - and they need more help to go collect all those revenues.

      "That is usually a sign that there are problems brewing."
      Not even close. Hiring sales positions is a sign that business is booming. The BI environment is heating up fast and the pipeline for contracts both in the government and commercial markets are slammed full of customers trying to buy. MSTR is smart to gear up for this increased demand, because then they can land the new business.

      Laying off sales people is a sign that there are problems brewing because then they may not have enough business to keep those people occupied and want to get them off the payroll. Yet even then, it could simply be to roll over sales people to a new/fresh set of people and contacts.

      Also, remember, MicroStrategy version 8.0 is about to be released in Q1, and they need to gear up for a new product launch. That will require additional sales people and open up new opportunities for new customers and increased sales.

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