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  • MSTRHater MSTRHater Jun 21, 1999 1:37 PM Flag

    Short today

    at 27 1/2. We'll see who right over the next 6 months. I can easily hold out on swings up to 40 (and would add to my short position if it does move that high)

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    • I am simply highlighting that everybody on this board needs to focus on the STOCK and the COMPANY. Only those that cannot argue the facts, argue the people.

      My problem is that few here are willing to discuss the stock. Sure 0cents can't do it, but I expect more from you. Don't fall into his 1-dimensional thinking trap.

      So, on that note, where do you see this stock in 1-month and 3-months? How about in 1-year? I am curious both in your targets as well as your rationale behind what will drive it up/down/sideways.

    • "Know what? Current information changes all the time. As new events occur, things CHANGE."

      [I agree. That is why I was interested in your comments!]

      "Just like your alias here 0cents."

      [What on God's earth are you talking about???]

      "I guess you have totally given up on arguing the stock since you refuse to argue the merits/problems of the company, and consistently focus on the people on this board."

      [Again ...... SAY WHAT?????? What are you talking about??? What the hell????]

      Uh ... know what? NEVER MIND.

      What a fruitloop. Are you on drugs or something?? Jesus man! Get a grip already. I was just asking a simple question. What the f*** is your problem??

    • No, in hindsight, buying at $200 would not have been smart. Hindsight is always 20/20. At the time, based on current information, it did look like a buy at $200. At $2, based on current information, it looked like a buy. Now at $3, that $2 buy was on target. When it was at $4, that $2 buy looked even smarter.

      You are wrong about MSTR is my business lifeline. It is not. No I am not a channel partner for MSTR or any product vendor. I select the best products for my customers - period. You are wrong on all counts.

      As for my thoughts on the info provided? About what? Wacky? The only info provided was something about a lawsuit against a bunch of Yahoo aliases. That does not mean that the person is bad, it just means that ID was part of a lawsuit. Did the lawsuit ever go to court? Was the person found guilty? Did they pay a fine? Were they restricted from access? Did they go to jail? Without all the information I cannot understand why you hate that person so. So, based on my own personal experience, they seem fine to me. Until someone presents me with information to the contrary, I will rely on my own personal experience.

      If you do provide me with information that the person is full of hate and bitterness (you know, like 0cents). Then I will update my opinion based on more current information. To not do so would not be reasonable. Just like I have to update my opinion on stocks and companies based on new information that emerges.

      Heck, if MSTR is shown to be cooking the books today, you can bet I will be in line with you asking for full enforcement of the law. That would be new information that I did not know. However, without any new information, I will base my opinion on what I know and that includes their products, people, and services. That is why I like the company and continue to use their products.

    • Lex...what I find interesting is that you always maintain that this is a good buy whether at 200 or 2.

      I think MSTR is your business lifeline AND you are hoping to average down your loss AND you are an MSTR channel partner.

      It's too obvious to deny.

      Oh yea...your thoughts on the info provided? You managed to ignore those posts?

    • Following the link you provided:

      Looking at the technical analysis, it does not look very good. This further substantiates my point earlier about how the TA currently does not provide a very strong case for entry at this level. You might be able to buy in a little lower if you wanted to. However, as shown in the link, Stochastics have entered into the "Oversold" territory which usually marks the sign of the time to buy. The MACD just put up a red toggle which is not very good, but is offset by the Oversold territory of the Stochastics. So again, TA is not much help on this one.

      If all indicators were pointing down, that would be a clear signal. If all indicators were pointing up that would be a clear signal. However, neither is the case here as the Stochastics look like they have bottomed and are about to turn up. So, TA is showing mixed signals. Better to wait a bit and get a definitive direction.

      See, the problem with you pointing to a post that is over 2.5 years old is that at that time, those indicators DID show that. The chart is still there for everyone to see. At that time, that WAS the direction. Of course, any fool knows that TA of any stock cannot account for unknown information about the accounting not being kept properly, it is based on the currently known information.

      Know what? Current information changes all the time. As new events occur, things CHANGE. Just like your alias here 0cents. Thats OK, your mantra of not being able to get out of the past is the same no matter what handle you use. You are stuck in the past and you would be a better person to get up to date with current information.

      I guess you have totally given up on arguing the stock since you refuse to argue the merits/problems of the company, and consistently focus on the people on this board.

      Nice to see you concede defeat like this.

    • I'd be interested in your analysis about MSTR today, using the same chart you provided a couple of years ago to do the same. TIA.

      MSTR chart going vertical <link>
      by: System_Architect (33/M/Washington DC) 06/27/99 04:22 pm
      Msg: 1764

      If you look at the chart, it looks like it is going vertical.
      Plus, they just put up another green bar (top of top graph) which is a solid indication of accumulation.

      This is a very good sign.

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 1763 by System_Architect

    • Subj: I bought at $31.50
      By: System_Architect
      Date: 06/24/99 03:13 pm

      Well, if you want someone to make fun of, I'm your man.

      I just bought 1500 more shares at $31.50.

      As far as you covering at $40, I wouldn't even if it hit that.

      If you remember last time it hit $40, it went right back down to $20. $40 will be near my exit point, or at least where I start keeping a tight stop-loss.

      So anyway, as for your statement that nobody will admit buying at $31 1/2 -- I admit it -- and am proud of it.
      Lex did not buy at 100 or 50. She bought at $31.5 and sold at $40.00, like any good long term investor in this stock should.

      Lex is wise beyond her years. She knows what she is talking about and is so confident that she actually welcomes ridicule from the little people, such as yourself.

      So, stop attacking Lex, and lets talk about the fundamentals. If you concentrated on the fundamentals and took Lex's advice, maybe one day you, too, could afford a 72" TV, just like her.


    • so when do the 2nd quarter numbers come out?

    • You are right that there was only one period of
      time it rose and closed over 40, BUT, there were 16
      daily highs over 40.0

      July: 13, 14, 21, 23, 24,
      Aug: 14, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28
      Sept: 22,

      More info leads to better decisions.

    • It's only broken 40 once before..That's some history jones....

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