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  • augidog8407 augidog8407 Feb 25, 2010 2:44 PM Flag

    Holy crap....look at the activity on the $10 puts for July!

    not sure what yer looking at but no PUTS for July traded today (as of 239p-est) see there's OPEN INTEREST of 1900+ which could mean resistance or support for the stock. The July CALLS have 4x's? the OPEN INTEREST, which will either keep it under 10...or it blows through 10 and those short calls get raped....he he he. I'm thinking of selling Mar. calls to I own under 10, and don't mind losing the stock at 10. THose July 10's give me similiar q? you have though...someone is hedging one way or the other.

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    • yahoo options shows 1553 traded today.

      • 2 Replies to allllan66
      • fidelity shows 1
        charles schwab shows 20

        its not a great idea to rely on yahoo for much of anything.

        that said, don't worry, it will go down. the computerized back and forth only goes on for so long. plus, the firepower being expended now is not getting the results it got early in the trend.

        keep in mind, if JPM and GS are the only ones swapping this back and forth all day ratcheting the price up, at the top of the mountain, they own it all. that is not the goal. they need to draw in and distribute to retail to succeed here.

        they got a lot initially, now it appears that we're coming to where the oxygen is thin, and much further they risk being the ones left with no one to sell to.

      • You are looking at open interest. Look at volume.

    • why bother, aui?

      Just go to your ten day chart. draw a trend line under the rise of the past ten days......

      make sure you have at least three touches (otherwise you are just drawing lines).

      Now you have a view of what's you see, right now, the trend line support is at about 10.3

      it breaks that, or wherever it is tomorrow, that's it....down it goes.

      being a HFT climb, you'll see looking over the past ten days there's no support anywhere really until 9.9....and that's a maybe...serious support starts at about 9.2, which held it for about tthree days.

      now if you really want to flip this stock, which i have been doing when bored....draw along a top line. you see the channel the stock has been rising in? you hit the top, short. close when it holds the bottom trendline.

      this is not rocket science when you are dealing with a HFT item. what i do wonder about is companies actually sit down and discuss this? i mean, when the HFT crew moves on, this, like all the others i've played in the past year, its going to drop like stone.

      so, you have to wonder how the various companies feel about this trading technique.

      anyway, hope this helps....this is better than calls or puts....and you just sit then -- no commissions or risk involved in this -- and wait until it hits and holds a support level.

      good luck

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