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PetroKazakhstan Inc. (PKZ) Message Board

  • zonzulu zonzulu Mar 14, 2005 12:56 PM Flag

    My view!

    Keep in mind I'm completely biased in that I am now long PKZ - BUTT - as far as I'm concerned ...............

    PKZ stock is on sale at any price less that $43 a share .............

    go ahead market - test my resolve

    I don't give a damn

    not one bit

    steady & I win - all I haveto do is buy while she's on sale and sell when she is dear

    $47+ min ...............

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    • Zon,

      I know you got back in to PKZ last week....I am still waiting..for oil to fall..I think there is lot of resistance above 55$ for oil...There is good probability for oil to go down then to go up...

      I think oil sector will sell off and so is PKZ..if oil falls..

      What do you think???


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      • I'm not Zon, last I loked, but I agree with you. In addition, the market is dangerously sloppy. i've just sold roghly haf of my holdings, including PKZ, and will await events. A later entry is likely.
        I'm a buy- and- hold type, so this is a big decision.

      • I'm staying long for the high $46-47 range for PKZ minimum &will add shares if we get to high $30's.

        I've stayed long all weekend and today as well on all my NY crude & UL gas futures contracts & will get out of Junes @ $57.29-58.00 & $1.5900-1.6100 respectively & am not willing to add to my position because I think oil will go higher & not make $60 & then I will get my chance over the summer to re-establish in the high $40's low $50 range for another run at the high!

        I'm watching & ready to test my discipline ..

        That's my opinion Neil