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  • zzzclay zzzclay Jun 10, 2005 10:18 AM Flag

    ADMAN = Selfish, Rich Prick!!

    Hey rich ahole,
    I earn about $45K a year and give away over 25% every year to charity and live quite comfortably on $25k a year (small 1 bedroom apt, 1996 Mazda Protege, etc.) I do so because I have been homeless and know what it feels like and because we live in an essentially unfair society (rigged for the rich) where many people have little to no chance at even middle class. Get a conscience and get a life you spoiled, rich prick -- AND DAMN WELL GIVE AWAY MOST OF YOUR $ TOO...

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    • Rebel,

      I know quite a few native americans that are not Indians. But you have to be able to see the world through the eyes of the people you label as "Indian" and I don't know that you can.

    • Sounds great. Being on the coast, I do a fair amount of ocean fishing - going out on charters. Last week we hit limit of sea bass (lots of fun - mostly four pounders). Striper trip next.

    • Crappie,bream and large-mouth bass. Nice crappie hitting small minnows. Overcast conditions. 15 acre pond 3 to 11 feet deep. Caught crappie and bream schooling around pier in 7 to 9 feet of water. Little bit windy but a really nice morning.

    • what kind of fishing - stripers?

    • You need help. It is exactly your kind of attitude that will keep you down. The folks who believe the "bul"*** you promote really run into trouble. Try reading what the next generation of black people are saying. Even in England they know that this type of liberal BS only serves the rich and those who are in political power.

      The real poor folks, want to work to get ahead. They won't be poor for long because they believe in a future. Belive in the future - that is the difference.

      Stick you head back into your hatred. I grew up in a family of 9 kids and we never had a lot but we loved each other. I never believed any of the liberal bul*** because in goes against nature. If you want to become something, you need to work at it. Try planting a garden, and you will find out what I mean.

      From your writing, I am sure that you are a lazy peron, with much hatred. Probably you don't like the christians in the US, get out and go home.

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      • it is exactly your attitude that is wrong . when you bring up 'christians' you are holding them out to be 'superior'.
        i guess the 'inquisition', [which this stupid , unintelligable , moron ] 'bush' is trying to emulate and the destruction of our constitution by the 'patriot act' ,the establishment of a theocracy in the usa ,the use of power, oil and money to turn our country into the most corrupt on the planet , should be overlooked by those proclaiming 'faith'.
        you should be ashamed of yourself.
        ww2 enlistee

    • OK now 40 billion in debt from African nations has been forgiven. How long before they are back in debt and again looking to be saved. The real question should be, Who in their right mind is going to continue to lend them money? Another good question is, Where does it stop?

    • I am on top of this situation Zon. Thanks for the heads up. Damn commies,can't trust them for a minute.

    • be careful rebeldoe,

      I think it may be a commie trying to recruit u.



      joe six pack

    • If you want to give away every dime you make that is your business, but don�t try and lay a guilt trip on the rest of us. I also have been on the poor side of the tracks. When I was a young boy 60+ years ago, our home had no electricity, no running water and no indoor toilet. We ate everything we grew and everything we hunted (rabbit, deer, squirrel) and my mother made my shirts from old animal feed sacks, usually a bolt of printed linen, used to ship feed for farm animals. Our �treat� was robbing a beehive in the woods and being able to taste the sweet wild honey or getting a big red apple off the apple tree or wild blackberries alongside the creek banks. Candy was not an option. Basically, my childhood was growing up in a harsh environment.

      I managed, as well as a few of my siblings, to get above the poverty and finally arrive at a decent standard of living, but it wasn�t �given� to me. No charity, no handouts, nothing from the state or some rich uncle. Sure, some of my brothers and sisters never reached the standard of living I obtained, but it was because they had no desire to do so, but had every opportunity. My two older brothers, now deceased, never had the desire to educate themselves or wanted a life any better than what you apparently are content to live.

      Today, I am not rich, but I am middle class with income in the six figure bracket. Charity to me is helping my own family members first, then friends and neighbors. I do not give handouts to street peddlers or beggars (on rare occasion I give to the Salvation Army, but not other large organized charities for most of them pay their CEO six figure salaries and only a small percentage of the money collected actually goes to those it was meant to help.

      My question to you, are we who have worked to achieve financial success supposed to toe the Marxian line to redistribute our income, give away everything we have worked for and drop our standard of living in the process just so it makes you happy? Like hell!!!!!

    • the estate will have to pay the lawyers & yes the administrators (someone like zzz perhaps) to distribute & account for the money as it is blown.

      Yes, I said blown - for the most part I think most of charity is pissed away & does not help those as intended. Just my stupid opinion!

      Oh yeah one more thing ....

      Fuk U to whomever started this thread ....

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