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  • dryland_is_a_myth dryland_is_a_myth Jul 14, 2005 1:21 AM Flag

    Forget Cramer- Trapper John is DA MAN

    Just curious. Was anyone else on this msg board turned onto PKZ by M.A.S.H.'s Trapper John (Wayne Rogers)? He is now an investment "guru" seen regularly on Fox's "CASHIN IN" show on saturday mornings. He was big on PKZ back in the $20's. His stock picks have made me a lot of money. He recommended PGH at $13 for it's 14pct dividend (it's now at $22 and still paying 12pct). Also, Anadarko has proven to be a good play. With all the talk about Cramer, maybe Trapper should host "MAD MONEY". He is just as feisty.

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    • Saw Trapper the day that he first talked about PKZ and bought at 18.50. It was about 18 months ago. He had it in his contest portfolio.

    • Yes - On 5/9/05 I bought PKZ @$27 after hearing Wayne Rogers emphatically complain on Fox that PKZ earnings were way up but stock price down. I am always searching for companies that are making money but are out of favor. i.e. low PE, good cash flow, manageable risk. There aren't many other stocks out there better than PKZ if this is what you seek.