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  • anshul_ou anshul_ou Jul 24, 2005 12:39 AM Flag


    India/China is trying to control half the worlds oil.....
    "i think we should ban china/india from increasing oil use. if the use oil like the usa.and theyre 15times more peole in those 2 counties.thats 15 x the usa use a yr now.oil will be $100 abarrel for 2yrs then its gone...... ""

    moron, Let me clarify some things here....First of all India is not a wasteful country like USA, go there and see how many people have cars, It is not like you are a high school jerk and drive a $30,000 car on credit. Also, the cars there on a average give 17-18 km/lt, which is 1.5 times more than the American stupid cars (Exclude Japaneese cars in US).....

    Also, before you come to some conclusion come out of your ignorance and see the world before you go and invest money in stock you have no clue about jerk....

    There are 3-4 people in each car and average less than 1 car per household unlike US whwre everyone has atleast 1 car.....This country is way too messed up.

    It is the other way around, if US becomes more responsible and value the resources and energy more than the rest of the world than the world would be a better place to live....Just being the richest country does not entitle to WASTE Resources....Now don't tell me that your office switches the electricity when it not used....This is a country where you can exploit all nature has given you the way you guys waste paper prinitng tons of garbage and destroy forests...just one more example...

    So don't be judgemental about others when you are yourself so messed up...Do some credible research before making such stupid and racial remarks...You are a typical SOAB ...

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    • <<This country is way too messed up.>>

      Well, I think I know one way you could help make it better...

      • 2 Replies to etaion_99
      • You must have gone to the same school as the other two dimwits.

        The Indians are welcomed bidders. That's the
        bottom line, and if they come to the table with what we stockowners think a reasonable offer, they become even more welcome.

        Where I come from, 'Money Talks and Bullshit Walks'.

        That's why we: Go to the CLUBS,
        To pick up the DIAMONDS,
        Win some HEARTS,
        In hope of getting it all back in SPADES.

        That's not the crap you spew. Be careful you
        don't crap out...going short !

        the Frater

      • Typical attribute of immigrant indians (saw some here):
        -Come to america with almost no money (good education but still no money).
        - Make money here which was impossible back in india.
        - Now bash USA or bash India.

        One should not bash mother country or the country where you earned bread and butter so you and your family can live better life. Many immigrant here send money back to home country so parents/siblings back there can have better life. Its because of america which you are bashing.

        Sometimes not posting is better, but I had to post because I saw many immigrants complaining about problems in usa. It has many cars, high medical insurance, high this and that.... if all the problems exist in america and no positive then why stay here? Americans don't have option of moving to India but immigrants have.. You have option if going back to home country.

        Will be last post on this subject. I just dont like bashing countries where you are living by choice.


    • your abusiveness towards americans is very judgemental

      look in the mirror and read what you just posted about americans..

      they seem to have alot waste in the streets poverty outside the cities.

      lumping everyone together like you just did is un-just..


    • Both of you sound like morons, plus the 7 who recommended your post. India would waste resources too if they had them to waste. It's human nature, regardless of race or nationality. Americans give away billions in aid to the rest of the world.

      'Nough said. GO PKZ!!!

    • Bro...the chap is a dimwit and evidently doesn't respect the free-market system which determines who gets the oil.

      None of the regulars on this board who know
      finance and PKZ in particular (am myself a newbie) consider this post worthy to respond to.

      Where does he get his stats on oil from and the longevity of PKZ's supply ? Eventually all oil will be depleted, I've seen predictions at around the year 2030. Those saying PKZ only has 7 years supply left, given the relatively young age of its wells and other potential sources on its lands, is ridiculous.

      It would make an excellent acquisition for either India or China, who, I won't deny
      have great energy needs, and no doubt.., those in these nations... know how to economize, stretch things, live more efficiently and make do with the little they have. That's to their credit.

      Our dimwit friend does have one thing right
      though. Oil will spike before 2010 to $ 100 a barrel (and probably well before) which makes PKZ all the more attractive to either country. When these nations have the opportunity to
      acquire a good energy cash cow, they should.

      Good luck to the Indians on their bidding !
      I just don't think they should try to nickel
      and dime a good company like PKZ on the buyout
      but enter a respectable offer. So everyone is satisfied. Else it may backfire and someone else may end up picking up the Diamonds.

    • Try not to invest, you don't believe in markets. BTW - Keep your anti American bs to yourself.

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