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  • ptofitall ptofitall Jul 24, 2005 6:13 AM Flag


    Bro...the chap is a dimwit and evidently doesn't respect the free-market system which determines who gets the oil.

    None of the regulars on this board who know
    finance and PKZ in particular (am myself a newbie) consider this post worthy to respond to.

    Where does he get his stats on oil from and the longevity of PKZ's supply ? Eventually all oil will be depleted, I've seen predictions at around the year 2030. Those saying PKZ only has 7 years supply left, given the relatively young age of its wells and other potential sources on its lands, is ridiculous.

    It would make an excellent acquisition for either India or China, who, I won't deny
    have great energy needs, and no doubt.., those in these nations... know how to economize, stretch things, live more efficiently and make do with the little they have. That's to their credit.

    Our dimwit friend does have one thing right
    though. Oil will spike before 2010 to $ 100 a barrel (and probably well before) which makes PKZ all the more attractive to either country. When these nations have the opportunity to
    acquire a good energy cash cow, they should.

    Good luck to the Indians on their bidding !
    I just don't think they should try to nickel
    and dime a good company like PKZ on the buyout
    but enter a respectable offer. So everyone is satisfied. Else it may backfire and someone else may end up picking up the Diamonds.