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  • etaion_99 etaion_99 Jul 24, 2005 6:14 AM Flag


    <<This country is way too messed up.>>

    Well, I think I know one way you could help make it better...

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    • You must have gone to the same school as the other two dimwits.

      The Indians are welcomed bidders. That's the
      bottom line, and if they come to the table with what we stockowners think a reasonable offer, they become even more welcome.

      Where I come from, 'Money Talks and Bullshit Walks'.

      That's why we: Go to the CLUBS,
      To pick up the DIAMONDS,
      Win some HEARTS,
      In hope of getting it all back in SPADES.

      That's not the crap you spew. Be careful you
      don't crap out...going short !

      the Frater

    • Typical attribute of immigrant indians (saw some here):
      -Come to america with almost no money (good education but still no money).
      - Make money here which was impossible back in india.
      - Now bash USA or bash India.

      One should not bash mother country or the country where you earned bread and butter so you and your family can live better life. Many immigrant here send money back to home country so parents/siblings back there can have better life. Its because of america which you are bashing.

      Sometimes not posting is better, but I had to post because I saw many immigrants complaining about problems in usa. It has many cars, high medical insurance, high this and that.... if all the problems exist in america and no positive then why stay here? Americans don't have option of moving to India but immigrants have.. You have option if going back to home country.

      Will be last post on this subject. I just dont like bashing countries where you are living by choice.


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      • I lived in Germany from 1980 thru 1983.
        I considered myself a guest even though I'm of German descent.
        While I was there I learned to speak the native tongue and I practiced their culture and learned as much about their culture as I possibly could. I felt I was one of the more respected GI'S for doing so. Kind of like "When in Rome do as the Romans".
        Even though the USA is the melting pot of the world much has changed since the late 1800's 1900'S flood of Imigrants.
        I think the American view of foriegners today is better than the turn of the century veiw, BUT we don't appriciate being bashed when Outsiders come here, utilize our Universities in an attempt to better their lives when the US is sending Billions of Foriegn Aid to their countries. Hell, most foriegners that come here live better than Our POOR.
        Another example is some foriegners come here to birth a child, recieve Neo Natal care "FOR FREE" and leave with one of the family members having US Citizenship.
        Where else in the world can you do this?
        Now back to Oil