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  • pendragons_circus pendragons_circus Oct 27, 2005 9:04 PM Flag

    End of the PKZ Era

    Well, it was a wild ride there at the end, but everything turned out pretty much as it should have. Of course we were all hoping for a price closer to the underlying value of the assets without the Kaz. discount, but I think the shenanigans by the govt. and Lukoil over the past few weeks clearly showed that this wasn't going to happen and we could have been a lot worse off if not for the masterful stewardship of the company by Monsieur Isautier & Co.

    I'd like to thank BI The Priest for doing right by me and my fellow longs; the late Leon Levy who recommended HHL (PKZ's old ticker as Hurricane Hydrocarbons, for the uninitiated) in his book "The Mind of Wall Street" a few years ago which turned me onto the stock in the first place; and also to the thoughtful contributors on this Board with whom it's been fun and informative sharing ideas.

    I'm not sure if or to what extent I will be participating in a successor board to PKZ, but I just e-mailed my contact info to Anchorcheck and we'll see how it goes. In any case, best of luck to all of you out there, including those with whom I've butted heads here in the past, in all of your trading and investing endeavors.


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    • Thanks everybody. As a payback for your help,do your dd on CRDN. Good luck.

    • Pendragon;

      I was hoping to see you post again.

      I was reading your post and thinking at the same time that I would need to make a special appeal to you, when I came to the bottom of your post and saw that you had emailed me!

      That is very good to hear!

      As to that Kaz discount....that is the issue going forward for all the Kaz oil stocks. I wonder whether this is an overeaction on the part of the investment community?

      Lukoil can't afford to be known as a bandit, forever, can they? And the Kazaks are placing some big companies in the London market, and they need investment in Kazland to develop. So, I wonder if after the elections in Kaz, whether we don't see a much more conciliatory tone coming from Kazland towards foreign owned business, particularly oil.

      I wonder. That could be important news for the next tier of Kaz oils.