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  • kerogojm kerogojm Nov 11, 2010 6:28 PM Flag

    Sounds too good to be true

    I am a fairly new investor to stocks that are actually worth while (not penny stocks)... I typed in highest dividend stocks and this eventually came up.

    So all I have to is buy and hold onto my shares and this company will pay me almost 20% per quarter? year? in dividends....?

    Seems too good to be true for the price of less than $4.00

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    • I'm 20 and pretty healthy, not much for insurance. Energy doesnt seem too bad really. I attend a private university which is very expensive, so yes I'm very aware of that one. And what public services do you mean???

    • Read investing for dummies, you will learn the basics and some complex stuff to help you pick winners.

    • In California there is a limit increase of assesments of 2% per year. Thank you Proposition 13, passed 30 years ago. alf

    • They have raised everyone in the county. We could go to the courthouse and get a 5 min hearing where we were told that is the way it is. A friend's land went up $100,000 and his house went up $25,000. We are fortunate we live in a place where the real estate market has not decreased very much but it certainly hasn't increased.

    • Last time I did this 2 years ago after they had raised by about 15% they actually lowered to almost 10% below what I was asking, was pleasantly surprised. Of course the following year it went back up 10% to where I was asking for originally so can accept that and went down significantly this year. This is just part of their game, increase because most people don't know or don't bother to contest it.

    • They do usually lower them if you write a letter or call and complain, by a pretty substantial amount also.

    • You need to write a letter to tax assessors office stating what you feel the value is with some justification like sale price and listings of similar properties nearby. I normally do this every 2-3 years if their annual increases and assessments get out of line and almost always gets adjusted down back to reality. This year it actually did adjust down considerably due to the market, seems crazy they increased yours.

    • Where I live, the local govt. tells me they are not raising real estate taxes--the tax rate has stayed the same. BUT, they have reassesed my property--land and house--so now the assessment is almost 100% more than what it was three years ago. Bottom line, I'm paying a lot more in taxes than I did. Housing values have gone down while my tax bill has increased.

    • The key here is,as long as the Fed is giving away money at 0% and Chimera can make 4%,this stock will work.If interest rates move upward,we need to get out.

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      • The risk I see is that the Fed, under heavy political pressure, might suddenly have a change of heart and believe there is an inflation problem (which there is, just not in the gov numbers). Perhaps worse, is that they don't admit there is inflation for way too long, and there is nowhere to hide from it. We thus get sudden shock and awe attempts to control it by the fed. Thus, companies like CIM stock tank overnight.

        It is not CIM burning out slowly that concerns me, it is the instance up in smoke scenarios that bother me.

    • Many examples. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Acorn. Getting rid of Stegal. Poor Laws. Wrong Laws. Rather trust my money with the industrialist than government. Why invest then if you are so against industrialists. Leave it to the government to provide for your welfare.

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