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  • pappa_korn pappa_korn Nov 16, 2010 5:15 PM Flag

    CIM Passed the Test

    In a day when most stocks took a beating, including those in financial sector, CIM held firm at about $4.00, down only about .01 for the day. IMO this was a great test for this stock, as I believe there will be little if any opportunity to buy this stock below $4.00 before the next divy.

    I feel fortunate, as I was watching this stock daily hoping to get in at around $3.90, with no success. Then one morning recently there was a brief panic attack lasting a day, taking the price down to about $3.85, the usual knee jerk reaction to a CIM financial transaction many traders do not understand. I doubled my position at $3.88, and the stock has hovered around $4.00 ever since.

    After watching the market tank today, with CIM holding firm throughout the trashing, I again doubled my position at $4.00 in anticipation of the next dividend. I do not possess one of those crystal balls so many posters apparently have, but IMO CIM will hold firmly at about $4.00 until the dividend announcement, which should result in a nice pop until it goes ex-dividend.

    IMO now is an excellent time to buy CIM before the div. announcement. I see messages posted by traders who have orders in at about $3.90 or who are waiting for a dip in the near future (and I am still waiting to win over a million dollars in the lottery). IMO, based how firmly CIM held its ground today, there is very little chance of the stock dropping .10 or more until it goes ex-divy. IMO $4.00 is about as low as the price will be until it goes ex, but that is just my opinion without the benefit of one of those magic crystal balls.

    What I do not understand is why it is that in a market filled with as much uncertainty, instability, fear, and fleeing to those nice safe bonds paying a whopping 2% return, more investors/traders do put their money into stocks paying dividends with a return of 10% or more, or even in the 5%-10%range, of which there are many. A trader does not have to hold the stock for life, can be in and out of the stock in weeks or even days if concerned about safety or volatility. But there is much I do not understand about traders' mentality, especially that of the Wall Street bafoons.

    If anybody can tell me where I can obtain a high quality crystal ball I would be greatful, willing to pay top price, perhaps even a finders fee. No scammers selling counterfeits!

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