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  • nickspinner May 12, 2011 12:23 PM Flag

    Why is CIM such a STINKER?

    I'm talking about the share price, which dipped significantly weeks ago and refuses to recover.

    I agree that money market accounts and CD's are criminal activities, the yield on these are obscenely low -- for major suckers and cowards only.

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    • Be patient. MREITs in general and CIM in particular have generational opportunities ahead of them (and us). For example, beginning this fall the maximum loan allowed by FNMA and FHLMC will fall from over $700,000 now to about $400,000 creating an opportunity for CIM to source whole loans and securitize them. In addition, both FNMA and FHLMC are scheduled to be phased out over the next several years (maybe as much as 10 Years?) creating an enormous opportunity for CIM. By owning CIM you are in on the ground floor to take advantage of an evolution in mortgage finance not seen since usuary laws were eliminated and interstate banking was allowed. This of course means you have a long term investment prospective. If you are a day trader ignore this post.

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      • You hit the nail on the head. What makes most low costing stocks to be so volatile is day traders % short seller. IMOP Nothing stinks about a 14% div. I will probably hear from the guy touting att again but I know all about att. I have other stocks that are somewhat pricier than cim but this is one of my choices. Stock buying is nothing short of gambling. You can name your own poison.

    • Investors seeking substantial price per share appreciation are in the wrong stock.
      CIM pays an amazingly high dividend. Don't expect anything more.
      Buy it for the dividend while the pps is low, like now.
      Be patient and do not worry, you will be rewarded with a big dividend quarter after quarter.

    • I think the reduction in the dividend this last quarter, combined with fears of interest rate hikes may be contributing to a stock price decline. I may hold for one more quarter, but haven't decided.

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