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  • glengator2004 glengator2004 Jun 8, 2011 4:22 PM Flag

    HAD To buy here!!!

    There is nothing but pure IRRATIONAL fear in the marketplace right now. My heavens...........How these little girls on Wall Street make up stories left and right. It's crazy!

    The economy has slowed down a tiny bit and these little girls come with NEVER ENDING RECESSIONS and depressions and who knows what.

    I just heard some IDIOT analyst on CNBC say banks would show no revenue growth until early 2012. HOPE HIS BOSSES light up that video when it comes to annual review time............. because that is just down right stupid to say stuff like that..........

    Going to look like Meredith Whitney! Egg all over your face with pounds of makeup to boot trying to explain away SHE NEVER SAID munis would default this year! What a complete idiot!

    CIM is a total buy here. Take it and thank the chart watchers and candle stick jockeys who don't know a stock from a rock to sell this one off so much.

    I will take the 16% dividend and pocket it. CHA-CHING! Meanwhile I go to the bank and see them paying 1.7% for 2 yrs...........SAFETY?

    Take the 16%!!! SOMETIMES a gift is really a huge gift!

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    • Anyone saying this is a "total buy" like the rest of the fools that have been saying the same since the stock was $3.80 is insane.
      0.40 cents on the downside later.. are you are still saying the same??

      This aint no panic selling..institutions do not dump millions of shares with no reason..
      the problem is that WE have no clue why CIM is being dumped.. but it is stupid to assume NOTHING is going on and that the stock is just going to bounce up in a few weeks after such a brutal sell off.
      I tried to get out at 3.60 today, but wasn't able to, i hope i can get out at 3.50 tomorrow as i don't trust what the future holds for CIM.

      just look at the massive bearish 4 Put to call ratio for september.. investors are not betting that amount of money if they weren't bearish

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      • Puts could just be hedging, not necessarily a downside bet

      • Any company with a put to call ratio of 4:1 sitting at a 52 week low with a 16% dividend, WITH NO NEWS, I want to be buying with both fists!!!

        Why? Simple.

        If the put buyers are wrong or even slightly off base, the stock will climb and they will have to sell those puts at big losses kicking off even more buying!

        This stock falls under the MOTHER OF ALL SHORT SQUEEZES!

        I like CIM myself. Run by Annaly. I have been investing in Annaly since 1989. Always was a conservative well run outfit. AND CIM is not overly leveraged. Has a very nice equity %.

        This move downwards has all the look of a market panic provoked by irrational news chatter provided by the TALKING PARROTS of CNBC and the like......

        Shall I say it now or later????????

        Say it now!!

        Here goes............THE SKY IS FALLING...........THE SKY IS FALLING.........

        But here is another one.............Why do these companies pay so much for these commentators who dont know the difference between a balance sheet and a bed sheet?

        I don't know but rest assured of one thing...........All this worthless overhead is killing job growth.......If we dumped the talking heads of Corporate America, how many jobs would we be able to create?

        Too many...........

    • Agree but will wait until end of freefall.

      1/2 capital structure of CIM is equity--i.e.--not heavily leveraged.

      Certainly seems to be an over reaction

    • BRAVO_ well said.. we ll just have to relax and be patient. NEVER sell when everyone else is - time to buy.. It worked for me in 2008 and again in 2009.

    • Since there is no news on CIM (other than the Jeffries downgrade the other day), I think there are only two possible explanations for this freefall. One, someone is driving the stock down or, two, there really is a problem at CIM which only the smart money knows about. Here's a possibility -- we know they're selling their uninsured ARMs and switching to agency fixed MBS. What if CIM had to take a serious bath to make that happen, and so there won't be a dividend (or much of one) this quarter?

      My position is long and holding...both my stock and my breath.

    • They constantly push the "recovery" and profits date off to 6 months in the future. I quit caring about analyst and commentators opinion on when everything starts to shape up.

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